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tigga Sat 10-Oct-15 16:51:14

hi all hope everyone is well, now the little people are at school and looking forward to half term what are you plans for Halloween, do you take the children trick or treating or perhaps have a fright fest at home whatever your plans we would love you to share them with us.

tigga Wed 20-Apr-16 15:57:52

What is going on in 2016, as we today read of another celebreity Victoria Wood losing her battle against cancer, joining our very own Denise Robertson, Ronnie Corbett and David Guest in such a short space of time. what are your thoughts, do celebs just keep on working and hoping any illness will go away, or just keep it a secret? who will you miss the most ? for me its David Bowie I grew up listening to his music . R.I.P all who have gained angel wings.