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How do / did you cope with the menopause?

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treeleaf Sat 19-Dec-15 23:52:16

You have noticed the recent long read article in the Guardian about that significant period in a woman's life: the menopause.

The article garnered a great deal of comment, as it talked in some detail about the limitations of our society's / health system's current management of the menopause, and the author's own experience of the process.

We were very interested in the large range of experiences that women shared about their own menopausal period - from those who suffered greatly to those whose experience was much less distressing.

This kind of discussion can be really helpful as it opens up the topic to those who are in the throes of it all, or even have it to come. We'd like to invite you to share your own experiences, opinions and tips of how you coped, or even what your thoughts are if you haven't yet got to this point of your life.

Thanks so much for sharing! If you haven't seen the original article and would like to read it first, you can find it here:

rubylady Sun 20-Dec-15 14:37:58

I've been getting periods with less time inbetween. I was going for 4 weeks, then last one was 3 weeks and I saw blood again this morning 2 weeks later. Is this normal? I have crippling pain, really heavy and clots. (Sorry). But at 51, maybe this is the end of my eggs and I am drying up?

I have read that they get patchy towards the end and I will get checked out in the New Year, I just wanted to hear other ladies experiences?

In a way I have enjoyed having periods but recently not so. I have now had enough and am ready to have none at all, it being so painful and all. tchhmm

treeleaf Sun 13-Mar-16 20:49:16

Those with an interest in this topic might also want to take a peek at the forthcoming workshop being run by the Know How You team over at 28 Beckenham Road.

The workshop is called 'Boudicca's Flush - there's life during and after the menopause'. Find out more about it here: