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Any members in the local area?

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LoveBeingNana Sun 01-May-16 08:41:57

Hi, my name is Frances and I am hoping to become the Local Editor for the Coventry Group. I have not made too great a start on filling the Coventry Group with lots of ideas yet, about where to go for a nice day out, where to bag a bargain, where to book for a nice meal, that kind of thing. I am full of ideas though and it would be great if any other members added some listings too.

I was just wondering, are there any other local members who would like to introduce themselves?

desistew2 Wed 04-May-16 21:38:45

Hi Frances
I've just discovered this site - isn't it brilliant!! I'm so pleased to see that you are going to be the Local Editor. I'd love to help in any way I can! I run a local group for older ladies in the Coventry/Warwick/Stratford/Solihull area - we are called Ladies Link and we organise lots of great social events. Ladies Link is a great place to make new friends and enjoy a great social life. Here is our website:

As I am knowledgeable about local events please do call on me if I can be of any assistance with developing this Gransnet group in Coventry.

Hope to see lots more members here - I will post onto our FB page and spread the word!

Deedi Sun 19-Jun-16 11:22:35

Hello Frances saw your Any members in the Local area post - I'm new to GN and live near to Coventry will try to navigate round the GN site and look out for any future local postings (hopefully a meetup sometime with other local GN's?) Hope you are successful in becoming the local editor.

jososullivan4 Sun 26-Jun-16 16:15:48

I am new to Gransnet.
I am a great auntie of a 7 year old girl, i am honorary grandparent my sister is her grandma and is her legal guardian, is there anyone in coventry who has children age 7 and would like to meet up.are you in the same situation as us ?

Deedi Wed 29-Jun-16 21:11:42

Hello jososullivan4 I live near Coventry and have also recently joined Gransnet.
I have 2 granddaughters age 12 and 16yrs; so not so much in common with yourself as communicating with teenage grandchildren is a completely different world to that of a 7yr old - my advice is cherish every moment I thoroughly enjoyed that age but I blinked and they suddenly didn't 'need' nana so much sad

jososullivan4 Fri 01-Jul-16 21:24:24

Hi Deedi
You are right,time goes by so fast, my niece is practicing to be a teenager now. i hope some one if not yourself can give me any ideas of what to do,where to go over the long school holidays so she does not get bored.

Deedi Sat 02-Jul-16 00:06:37

Hi jososullivan4, Here's a few ideas of activities I resorted to on those days when either the weather was miserable and/or I wasn't up to a drive out somewhere. Bearing in mind I had two very competitive siblings...
Forward planning is a must unless you absolutely don't care about staining carpets/wall/furnishings etc and I always had a change of clothes (for the children!)
Shoeboxes (or similar) with lid cover the outside with torn up pieces of tissue paper/patterned wrapping paper using pva glue allow to dry (we've been known to cheat using hairdryer..... add more detail using felt tip pen(s) result personalised box for crayons small toys. A one-off activity was allowing the girls to use some leftover emulsion paint to completely cover some old (ready for charity) ornaments and vases. They looked so good I kept them on display! Just a tip here girls wore an old shirt of grandpas; I'd covered the carpet with an old sheet then covered this with a couple cheap shower curtains. The paint was in a shallow dish (one each) and the rule was an ornament had to be painted all over then I put it on a tray away from the painting area before they were given another. Another time they painted some glass jars using acrylic paint; these painted jars are used on their desks for storage of pens etc.
At a similar age to your niece our younger grandaughter spent ages at the sink measuring/pouring water using plastic containers. A few drops of food colouring in the water made it more interesting; she discovered that yellow added to blue makes green! I always put an old towel on the floor and she wore her plastic painting apron.
A page from a newspaper/appropriate content give a red biro (our girls loved using red ?) and a ruler the adult underlines a common use word (eg there) and leave the child to see how many they can underline. I always tried to focus on a word that was in the child's homework spellings list. Sheets of squared paper were of value when 'playing schools' doing sums, important to ensure numbers written in correct column. Hope it's given you some ideas - it was at times tiring but I miss those days with the girls - I never had difficulty sleeping back then!