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BumblB33 Wed 13-Jul-16 20:24:28

Raised in a household which was unaware that games existed, unless they involved imagination or a piece of paper and a pencil, why would I expose my own children to such luxury? Well I did, I have spent much of my life researching what is going on outside our four walls, what is shaping the world we live in, what will be there for my children and now I seek the answer as to what is in store for my grandchildren.

You must understand I have embraced most technologies, although never mastered any of those games consoles. I see no wrong with technologies when they are used for the purpose they were created for, my objection is when they take over peoples lives. To which I have first hand knowledge and experience.

What is the message?
Don't forget those games which bring families and people together, those games which have battered boxes and are showing signs of wear and tear, i.e. Monopoly, Scrabble, I am sure you can name many more.

What is your family favourite and how often can you get the family around the table to play?

BBbevan Thu 14-Jul-16 05:47:10

We all, especially my GDs who are 10 and 7 love the pencil and paper game Fish, Fruit, Flower. Mostly played at Christmas. But Monopoly is a steady favourite also