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Geraldine62 Thu 04-Aug-16 08:40:41

Hi all and welcome to Gransnet a place where you can find lots of topics of discussion in the forums, locally and nationally. Just click on the link below and have a nosey and join in too!

If you are one of my computer buddies congratulations!flowers

Don't forget to click your back button ( arrow top left in search bar) to return here and tell me what you think.

Happy Gransnetting smile

superfriend Thu 04-Aug-16 12:16:33

hello geraldine i have signed in to your site thank you

Libralady Mon 05-Sep-16 16:16:25

Hi Geraldine

Just joined up to Manchester Is there anyone on the site in my area - Urmston/Flixton/Davyhulme/Stretford ?

GrandDee Thu 17-Aug-17 11:52:32

thanks for everything here

Geraldine62 Fri 01-Sep-17 18:22:56

Hi Grandee & Libralady
from small beginnings let us hope that we can grow the gransnet community up north particularly in Manchester, I have had a busy year but if I get just one new computer buddy then I call that a success!
Keep posting smile flowers