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GrannyPatchwork Wed 23-Nov-16 10:29:12

Hi deeviewchick

I guess from your forum name you're on the opposite side of the Wirral to me! I'm in Bromborough. I used to do yoga at Bebington Oval and also in Heswall but not for a few years now. Having a campervan is my dream - we have a little caravan now after many years going from 'two man tent' through family tent to trailer tents and folding campers to this little van which I love! Where do you travel to in your campervan?

glammanana Sat 04-Mar-17 10:09:17

I've just joined this Local Forum after being a GNer since I joined on the first day 5yrs ago.
I'm married to a wonderful man who is retired now but still very fit and busy,I have just retired again (3rd time) from managering a Charity Shop full time for the past 2 yrs,prior to that I ran a catering business part time which I loved but sold on when it became to busy for me,before that we lived in Spain for nearly 9 yrs and owned a restaurant which we loved coming back to UK just in time when the ยฃ value fell out of the market we sold our villa and business just in time really.We are now waiting to move into a bungalow in about 6 weeks and start to take things at an easier pace if we can manage to do that.
I have 1 X DD AND 2 X DSs with 7 DGCs and 1 x GGD between them they range from 1yr- 26yrs so I have loads of experience of being a hands on nanna as I have always looked after them at one time or another I also have 2 x DILs so can help maybe with any problems which may come your way.My input may be a wee bit hit and miss over the next weeks due to house move but I will be back on track very soon I promise.Glamma xx

GrannyPatchwork Sat 04-Mar-17 10:35:59

Hello glammanana! Wow what an age range of dgcs! Great to find you on the local forums. We have a few flurries then it dies down again. Hoping things will get busier as more people find us! We have a Facebook page too for the local L&W site you are welcome to comment there too. We are wondering if a bungalow is the next home for us when DH retires in two years. He works part time from home so needs an office ATM . We are going to downsize but I do like having the children's bedrooms for our own use! He has his office/hobby room, I have a sewing room and one room is the guest room/ironing pile room!

glammanana Sat 04-Mar-17 18:00:23

When we sold up and moved to Spain I found it very difficult to adapt from 4 large bedrooms to just 2 bedrooms,but I soon got over that with the ease that came with not having to change beds every week after children had been staying at week-ends,we missed them dreadfully when we first moved abroad but got used to the quality time with them at holidays and the fact I could fly home in 2 hours if the longing got out of hand,which it did during the first 2 yrs.My DGSs are the light of my life they are all so loving the girls are more outgoing and out spoken compared to the boys,my dd has 5 DSs and 1 x DD and my eldest DS has 1 x DD with his previous partner he got married last June in Las Vegas to his fiancee of 3yrs it was a small wedding with just 14 of us travelling there but they had a wedding reception when they got home the week after,what they paid out could have paid off a large chunk off their mortgage imo but who am I to say all I know is it cost us an arm and leg to go as there was no way I would miss my boy getting married where ever it was.( I hope I don't come across as a apron string mum as I really am not) Will fill in later as time goes on about family and other bits and bobs,oh by the way I am mum also to Poppy the Lhasa Apso and Oliver a British Short Haired Blue Cat one of his relatives does the Sheba Cat Advert on TV if you ever watch the adverts.xx Glamma