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christmas wedding

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annieg Sun 01-Jan-17 15:26:51

My daughter was married over Christmas period.As mother of the bride I thought I would have some invovement,but I wasnt asked for any help.At the lunchtime meal , no photos were taken of the bride with us or husband.Our 2 grandchildren were never phoographed with us .Whereas the inlaws were phoograghed ,so amny times I lost count,I wasnt bothered about myself as such ,but 1 photo of us all wouldnt have gone amiss. Does the brides parents not count for anything these days, although of course my husband was pictuered walking down the aisle of couse with my daughter.
I spoke to her about it after seeing the photos and received a "why didny you ask to be photographed".I would have thought that should have been part of the reception as we are her parents.Now she wondere why I feel left out yet again, as the in laws seem to take over. At the wedding cerimony they had both the grandchildren. It is as though we dont exist .I am very upset as we only have 1 daughter.I still have a party to go to, and to be quite honest I dont want to go

Mumsy Mon 02-Jan-17 09:40:43

I know how you feel, when my older daughter got married her inlaws took over and I wasnt involved in anything!! and they had the cheek to ask us for money to help pay for the wedding, damn right we refused!

When my older grandaughter got married, I didnt expect to be involved but I was deeply hurt that I wasnt in any of the 'family' photos! I wasnt asked! I did however ask the photographer to take a photo of me and my grandaughter and her husband and he took a couple of pics. but Im not in the ones with close family, bride and groom and bridesmaids! It really marred the day for me. I didnt even get a thankyou card for the wedding gift I bought!! Cant believe how thoughtless kids are now a days.