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What's it like living in Knaresborough

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hondagirl Sun 29-Jan-17 05:59:51

Just wondering whether there is anyone on here who lives in Knaresborough? It's a long story but we are currently living abroad and have been thinking about maybe returning to the UK. We love Yorkshire and walking in the Yorkshire Dales and also the east coast, places like Whitby and Scarborough and Knaresborough seems well placed for both. I am just looking for information on what it's like to live there: is there enough going on for people our age? how do you cope with the winters? also the best suburbs/villages to live around there. Any information would be great thanks. We are hoping to visit in the future but I just wanted to get as much information as I can in advance.

Mo1504 Tue 14-Mar-17 13:17:44

We live just outside Boroughbridge, 7 miles from Knaresborough, having moved up from the south nearly 2 years ago, to be nearer our daughter and grandchildren. It's a lovely area to live and of course we are in the golden triangle of York, Leeds and Harrogate. We love the area and as you say quite near the coast, Dales and Moors. Knaresborough has the benefit of a railway station, which I often use to pop to Leeds. You can get a direct bus and if you have a bus pass it'll be free. There's a lot of lovely villages round here, but we didn't want to be too far off the beaten track, so we have a local pub and a farm shop and Boroughbridge is only a mile down the road. Harrogate and York great for shopping, and the York park and ride is about 30 mins away by car. Ripon also only 5 miles away with the lovely cathedral.
I joined the W.I. no I hear you cry! I really thought it wouldn't be for for me, but it's not how I thought at all, and has been a godsend, loads of things going on and I think I'm beginning to make actual friends now. There's also a local U3A in Ripon. So although we don't live in Knaresborough, the whole area is great, and so much to see and do. Hope this helps.

hondagirl Sat 18-Mar-17 06:08:54

Thanks for your response Mo1504,that's really useful. It sounds ideal. Just wondering if you have ever had any problems with flooding in the area?

We actually need to put our trip on hold for the current time, due to DH's illness but intend to come over at a later stage for a good look round.