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We are all in the same boat…….are we?

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Worthingpatchworker Wed 08-Feb-17 13:22:31

When I was younger, and working, there were many differences between us ladies. We differed through our interests, friends, jobs and so many other aspects. As we have reached, or are reaching, retirement age it seems we are much more similar. We don’t have jobs, our interests have zoned in more, and we are all for a simpler life. There is nothing wrong with that. It was, however, funny to have a friend remark, ‘we all look the same.’ I reminded her that, if you look at teenage girls, they all pretty much look the same as each other. It’s a human foible.
Many of us are angry at the despicable way the government has treated us regarding the State Pension Age. I’m not going to go into this, other than to say, there is a Facebook page, WASPI Voice.
I am miffed at not being able to benefit from the bus pass at present but I do get benefit of ‘concession’ price when entering places and have been known to benefit from the OAP fish and chips price. That, I must admit, amused my husband, but he is younger than me.
Many of the lovely ladies’ I am friends with are genuine grand-mothers. I wasn’t blessed with children so no chance of grandchildren. This means I am not called upon as a child minder. For those who fulfil this role it can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it must be wonderful to spend time with the grandchildren, feeding them with skills and knowledge and having fun with them. On the other hand, it can impinge on free time and, sometimes, they can be tiring.
I don’t feel I have lost out. I have the benefit of more funds and time through not having brought up children. I have also been blessed to watch nieces, nephews and a goddaughter as they move through life.
I never knew my grand-parents on either side and I used to envy my friends that they had theirs still around. Parents don’t always have the time to do certain things with their children. This seems much more the way these days. I would have enjoyed wellington boot puddle jumping, hand painting, sand castle building and all the other exploits grandparents get to enjoy.
Grandparents today seem much younger in outlook and behaviour and, just because they are decades older than their grandchildren, doesn’t mean they are as IT capable. I’m a firm believer that age isn’t a bar to ability. Knowing how to use a computer, for example, isn’t based on age but, rather, mind and ability. I have encountered people in their 20’s who are IT illiterate.
In my early 40’s I saw that computers and IT were not going away and decided it was worth considering. I signed up for ‘Living with Technology’ with the Open University. I completed the course, found a husband on the course, and have not looked back.
I’m still not looking back, regardless of my age, I am still looking forward. I am a positive thinker and, as highlighted above, generally turn negatives into positives.