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kent in the 50s and 60s

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Cath9 Fri 03-Mar-17 01:39:40

Have any of you lived your whole live in Kent from these years, as I spent such a happy childhood in Kent when it was not nearaly so over populated as it is today. I would have liked to retire there but for that reason. I can remember people saying to me that I was lucky to have the best of both worlds, country, city and coast, but being young I didn't realize this.

Cath9 Fri 03-Mar-17 01:47:26

Opps sorry about the spelling mistake, of cours I meant life in Kent.

omipips Fri 03-Mar-17 13:18:36

My DH was born in Erith in 1963 but lived in Bexleyheath, although he left when he was 4 he continued to spend the summers there until he was 14, he loved it so much

ninathenana Fri 03-Mar-17 13:53:36

I was born in Kent in 1954 and still live close to my childhood home.
I do feel lucky to have coast and country on my doorstep. However, the traffic here is horrendous at rush hour and going north involves the bloody awful Dartford crossing.

Libramo Fri 03-Mar-17 22:53:48

I was born in Kent but one morning woke up in London although we hadn't moved. Our postal address is still Kent but we are now one of the London boroughs. However we have lovely villages and hamlets close at hand, and the beautiful Weald a bit further away. Further away still is the Kent coast which we can now reach easily on the M20 but as a child a day trip involved a steam train, until the line was electrified. Beautiful orchards and hop gardens, ancient Canterbury and fascinating Dover with legendary White Cliffs and its Castle. An important county historically and one I'm glad to be living in.