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Haverfordwest and area

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NikkiW Wed 19-Apr-17 09:42:42

Hi, my husband and I are possibly going to be moving to this town, or close by (It might be nearer Carmarthen) just wanting to know some opinions of the good and bad points about living in the area, maybe which area to avoid renting/buying a house in if that's ok.

Thanks in advance.

BBbevan Wed 19-Apr-17 21:30:27

We have just moved to near Carmarthen from N London. It is an absolutely beautiful area . Quiet and peaceful. The larger towns have all the usual big stores plus many small independent shops.Even the villages seem to have a good butcher and a proper post office. Parking is easy at the moment, but I don't know about the summer months.
The people have been lovely and very friendly.
We have been to Haverfordwest a few times. The high street is sad as their are no proper shops. There is a large Wilko at the bottom of the town , but everything looked a little bleak. There is an out of town shopping area with an M&S etc but this was a bit disappointing.

We do not have the experience of the area to give advice on where to live. Tenby is expensive but lovely. The villages around Carmarthen have some excellent houses and you have everything you need in the town itself.

NikkiW Fri 21-Apr-17 09:52:46

Hiya BBbevan,
Thanks for your reply which I have only just spotted - I didn't get a notification of it, sorry.

That's a shame about Haverfordwest town, I am hoping I can get a job as my hubby's wage will be low but that's not sounding too hopeful if there are few shops in the town. Other than that the actual area sounds very scenic and just what we're looking for really.

I think the hard part for us going to be to get a rental as we have 2 large dogs, no one seems to want to rent out to people with pets which is a shame.

I'm glad you're happy with your move, it must be a big change for you coming from London.

Panache Mon 09-Apr-18 09:30:38

Having not only been born and bred in the County of Pembroke I have lived,worked and enjoyed every day of my life here.It is outstanding for its tranquillity,peace,glorious settings and crime rate so low,little wonder there are a great influx of people leaving the built up areas ready to make a new home here.
People come on holiday and never return !
There are a plethora of authors,artists,musicians etc whom make their home here and never again even think of leaving.
We have the most wonderful coastline and any point in this county you are only some 12 miles from the coast.
Haverfordwest itself has been sadly neglected, but is fast pulling itself up by the boot straps,with all the major stores now having moved in,its old castle and quaintness is slowly being restored.
With the leisure industry running rife here there are jobs galore, whilst you really need to come and spend time here exploring and seeing for yourself the beauty that surrounds us..... whilst our crime rate is amongst the lowest of all areas.........something we are proud to boast about.