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Heartbroken - My Journey to Self Healing

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amandajane Thu 15-Jun-17 13:03:28

“It’s just your age, Jackie. You’ll be on beta-blockers and warfarin for the rest of your life.” The doctor’s words terrified Jackie Mannell, then in her late 40s. She’d never taken drugs before, and had no intention of starting then. But how could she heal her heart’s abnormal rhythms naturally? Within three months of embarking on her self-healing journey, she was declared fit and healthy.Jackie has written her life story to inspire others to take charge of their own wellbeing. She believes her illness was caused by the beliefs she learnt in her childhood, which shaped her thoughts and actions in later life. Her turbulent life created dis- ease in her mind, causing disease in the body - it’s as simple as that. Jackie’s story will resonate with each of us at some point in our life and that is its beauty: everyone suffers difficult times, whether it’s being bullied at school, enduring crippling bereavement, becoming a victim in an emotionally abusive relationship or getting sucked into others’ distorted realities. But not everyone realises they can control their destiny and turn their life around - Jackie succeeded. And she now wants to share the most important message she’s learnt: You can heal yourself, naturally.

Jackie Mannell - Heart, Broken: My Journey To Self-Healing can be purchased at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback

Heart, Broken is an inspiring life story presenting the catalogue of relationships , experiences and beliefs that ultimately led to Jackie's heart diagnosis .
This unique and motivating memoir seeks to inspire every person who feels stuck , trapped or lost ( in their career, relationships, health or life in general) that they can take responsibility , regain control and follow a path to self - healing

amandajane Fri 16-Jun-17 14:51:35

Here is the link if you wish to purchase Jackie's book.