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Are Grandparents bad for the health of their Grandchildren?

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AnnB Sun 02-Jul-17 15:34:09

This was the question posed to us on Radio Stoke this morning because of a study by Doctor Andrew Adesman (Cohen's Children's Medical Centre) in the US. We just hope we made enough points to show what bunkum this is! Our own Dr Ann Buchanan of Oxford University produced a study (2008) saying that grandparents seemed positively good for children's health and happiness and we all know both parents and children would agree. The main six points that grand-parents 'failed' apparently in Andrew's survey were that many grandparents would:
1) treat burns with ice
2) put babies to sleep on their sides
3) put children in an ice bath to chill a fever (!!!)
4) Give children over 6 aspirin
5) place a soft object in a child's mouth during a seizure
6) give honey to babies under 6 months.
The questions were not asked to parents or health care assistants or the general population so there was no comparison and we pointed out that grandparents here (UK) use chemists and doctors and speak to their own children who are parents, using communication and common sense!! We hope Gransnet Staffordshire has said enough to discredit the study. We never claim to represent all our grandparents but we hope to have their interests at heart!