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Oakley Court For Megan's night before the wedding?

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GrannyMilly Sat 03-Feb-18 10:10:31

Has anyone else heard this rumour? Its a lovely hotel and jsut down the road but surely there could have been a better hotel what about Coworth Park?

Anniebach Sat 03-Feb-18 10:23:29

Why can she not stay at Royal Lodge with Andrew ,

MawBroon Sat 03-Feb-18 11:33:55

Sorry, this is genuinely not meant to sound rude, but a) it’s a private decision and unless b) one has a personal connection with either hotel(?) , what is the interest ?

Teetime Sat 03-Feb-18 11:34:41

Shall we go?

merlotgran Sat 03-Feb-18 11:37:36

Why would Meghan want to stay with Andrew? confused

Anniebach Sat 03-Feb-18 11:43:15

Why not? Diana stayed with the QM and Royal Lodge is in the grounds of Windsor , has thirty rooms and is three miles away from the Castle. Save us paying for security for the hotel

Jalima1108 Sat 03-Feb-18 11:53:06

Oh, that was strange, I was told I needed a 'Local Nickname' before I could comment.

Does that mean I can have two names on GN?

Why would Meghan want to stay with Andrew?
and Fergie?

Why not in Windsor Castle? Even if Harry is staying there, there must be more than one apartment?
That could save a bit on wedding cars as well

Anniebach Sat 03-Feb-18 11:55:49

Andrew has his own estate in the grounds of the Castle

Jalima1108 Sat 03-Feb-18 21:27:27

Oh, so the wedding taxis wouldn't cost that much then.

I am able to get on this thread now without difficulty.

aggie Sat 03-Feb-18 21:40:53

bad luck to see the bride the night before the wedding , even though they have been living together confused

annsixty Sat 03-Feb-18 21:47:20

I just find it it hard to comprehend that 40/50years ago "living in sin" was such a big deal and now it is is so normal and accepted, even by the Royal Family.

I truly believed that if I has sex before marriage I would go to hell.
Does anyone else remember that?
I am talking about the 50's.

annsixty Sat 03-Feb-18 21:50:49

Oh dear, I realise what an innocent I sound😳

MissAdventure Sat 03-Feb-18 21:54:14

My mum had that opinion, Ann.. She was absolutely horrified when I 'got myself pregnant' in 1982.

MissAdventure Sat 03-Feb-18 22:02:11

Oh, I dont think my mum believed I would go to hell. I think she just wished I would! grin times certainly have changed.

Anniebach Sat 03-Feb-18 22:12:44

My father was the perfect contraception for his four daughters 😀

ninathenana Sat 03-Feb-18 22:27:30

Annie grin

I remember the sadness and disappointment on dad's face when mum asked me if I was pregnant and I said "maybe"
I wasn't.

Grandma70s Sun 04-Feb-18 10:04:48

Do people still think bride and groom shouldn’t see each other the night before the wedding? I’m sure we saw each other, and that was fifty years ago. Can’t quite remember the details, but I know that we went to our wedding together, not separately. I think virgin brides were few and far between even then.

Anniebach Sun 04-Feb-18 10:15:00

Those were the days when we heard - she has got herself pregnant, and - he had to marry her 😃

merlotgran Sun 04-Feb-18 10:22:54

We all went out together the night before our wedding. Some people had travelled a long way and both wanted to spend time with them and not be split into two camps.

When we were married it was still traditional for the groom to have his stag do the night before the wedding. It filled me with horror as a close friend's sister's fiancé was killed in a car crash on his way home from his stag party. This was before the drink driving laws were brought in. It scared me so much that DH came up with the idea of a joint 'do.'

The Inn where we held a small buffet party is still open and mostly unchanged. We were there four years ago for a nostalgic visit and will be popping in again for lunch in September when we visit the old 'gang' for a 50 yr anniversary trip.

How things have changed.

Grannymuch Sun 04-Feb-18 10:39:04

Yes, no more living in sin, shotgun weddings or illegitimate children any more. Thank goodness.

mollie Sun 04-Feb-18 14:35:27

Don’t forget she has family coming from the US who aren’t part of our establishment and don’t want to be, if her father is anything to go by. He’s not going to give the traditional Father of the bride speech it seems. I don’t know this hotel mentioned but I would imagine somewhere that makes her divorced parents comfortable and allows them time before the big day and all the press attention would be ideal.

Anniebach Sun 04-Feb-18 17:24:33

Perhaps a good thing they are not marrying in London because it would have been on the balcony for her father

Anniebach Sun 04-Feb-18 17:28:46

MissAdventure, I indulged before marriage , if I remember rightly there were two of us he and me , didn't manage it on my own, you clever clogs you 😀

NotTooOld Sun 04-Feb-18 17:47:13

annsixty - I was that innocent, too, and it all ended in tears some years later. Thank goodness times have changed.

MissAdventure Sun 04-Feb-18 17:48:41

grin Annie..