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AnnB Wed 14-Feb-18 18:27:36

Hi everyone, we are emerging in a new form , a bit like Doctor Who. My User Name is AnnB and I want to become your Local Ambassador with the same enthusiasm I felt for being Local Editor for four years. We will set up forum discussions on what you say is needed so please let us know on this discussion what you would like to see about our local area. We will probably initiate two new forums for events and Meet Ups so look out for those! We look forward to being in touch again. We do think our national Gransnet site is really interesting so it should turn out to be a good place to make contact! Take care in this freezing weather, and we'll try to point out some good events for half term if you have grandchildren (and if you haven't!!) Lots of warm thoughts to all! AnnB

Cherrytree59 Wed 14-Feb-18 18:44:54

Hello Annb
I would be very interested to know what's on locally during the coming weeks half term.

Will we still get a local GN email newsletter?

Thanks smile

newnanny Wed 14-Feb-18 19:04:02

I live in south Staffordshire and took early retirement last July. I would like to meet up occasionally and be advised of local attractions as now have lots of free time. Please keep me in the loop.

Hilltopgran Thu 15-Feb-18 00:58:56

I live in North Staffs Moorlands, and am interested in local information.

My recommendation for half term for younger children is the Peak Wildlife Park, which is just off the Leek to Ashbourne Road. We were there on Saturday with our toddler grandaughter, she so enjoys seeing the animals up close, not even the wet put her off.

AnnB Thu 15-Feb-18 18:05:58

Cherrytree59 - I think the email newsletter has finished, because we will not have events listed in the same way. However people are still sending us the information so we will list events on this forum and I'll do a summary of good things for the following month - that's a great idea! However it will not have the post code/ telephone number information (just venue and dates I'd think) so let me know if you think that's needed and I'll add that!
Newnanny we'll do the next Meet Up in South Staffordshire to meet you, would you be able to get to Canalside Farm near Shugborough or do we need to go further south?
Hilltopgran - the Peak Wildlife Park is brilliant we agree! We took a grandson there (age 3) on the day of his birthday, it was cold and wet and he was thrilled to bits with the animals! We need to keep telling people about it as you say!

Amma18 Mon 09-Apr-18 15:05:10

I'm interested to see any future posts about meet-ups in the Staffs/Stoke/N-u-L area.

AnnB Tue 24-Apr-18 13:59:37

We want to arrange a Meet Up especially targeting Amma18 and Newnanny but for everyone else as well. There is a coffee shop called Heavenly on Merrial Street in Newcastle (Staffordshire!!) which focusses on vegetarian and foods free from gluten and lactose so we'd like to give them support (and try them out...there are very good reports!!). Can we meet there on Monday 18th June at 3pm? Sorry it is so far ahead but I (AnnB) am going away for a month (I will still post events etc) and returning on 12th June so if we get it in diaries before I return at least we can be sure it will take place. Can anyone who wants to come but cannot make that day tell us in case we have to rearrange? I'll speak to the cafe tomorrow and confirm the date. We'll buy the drinks and I'll report back on cakes (types and prices) tomorrow evening when I've been to see them!

pensionpat Tue 24-Apr-18 18:08:51

Hello everyone. I am interested in this local forum. It will cover a huge area though. I live fairly near to Shugborough and prefer not to travel to Newcastle. The canal side cafe would have been perfect for me. Another time perhaps.

AnnB Wed 25-Apr-18 18:52:22

Sorry pensionpat, I missed this message and posted in our events forum! I am happy to also meet in June at Canalside Cafe, it's a lovely venue. I'll sort out suggested dates this week and maybe you can say what's best for you? (I can't remember whether the strawberry season will be in full flow then but I know they do Pick Your Own!)

pensionpat Wed 25-Apr-18 19:02:47

Thank you Ann. In June there should be strawberries!

AnnB Sat 05-May-18 20:17:58

We're suggesting Friday 29th June 11am at Canalside Farm? Can anyone make that? I said the afternoon before, but we sometimes get asked to pick up grandchildren from school so for us this might be safer? I probably wouldn't come if no-one can make it so please let us know. We'd be thrilled to see you, pensionpat and all others?

Miku134 Sun 03-Jun-18 19:24:20

Hi everyone smile Is anyone looking for Accommodation in Stafford and interested in a super nice little flat? The rent is only £475 p/m which has all bills and internet included, apart from electric which is £20 p/m. So £495 in total. Internet is fast and reliable! It's not far from the town, but in a quieter area, and conveniently near to Aldi and B&M. Has two main rooms (unfurnished), one with a kitchenette and sink. Also has an ensuite bathroom with shower! Ideal tenant is tidy, sensible and reliable, with a stable job and able to afford the rent and a deposit. Available to let immediately as current tenant is having to relocate for work reasons. Not sure if the link will work so please type this into your search bar for pictures and details of who to contact for further information:

Thank you x