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Snowy glen in Aberdeenshire

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Caledonai14 Tue 06-Mar-18 08:55:58

Hello from a snowy glen which is fortunately not cut off like some of Scotland's smaller communities. And a call-out to the folk of Cumbria and farmers everywhere. Still hoping for a bit of interest from Aberdeenshire or the city itself and - as I missed the last reply - will keep a closer watch here now. There seem to be a lot of Scots active on other Gransnet pages and they can't all be in the central belt. Hoping to hear from you in the North-east ... or anywhere, really. smile

Elegran Tue 06-Mar-18 09:15:05

I'd say you stand a better chance of a reply in the main site than on the local ones. There is no local editor in Aberdeenshire (not many anywhere, and GNHQ have downgraded all the local sites anyway) to bump up interest.

Pittcity Tue 06-Mar-18 09:27:18

There are no local editors anywhere any more elegran
A handful of ex editors are continuing local Facebook and Twitter but the local sites are now forum only. Any local posts show up on the main forum when they are first added so they have more chance of being seen than before.

Elegran Tue 06-Mar-18 09:40:35

Then there may be more replies to the post, Pittcity.
There were never all that many local editors anyway, after the first burst of enthusiasm. Your site was one of the few that survived. Perhaps if the original concept had been more on communication and meet-ups and less on canvassing firms for advertisements more of the sites might have been successful enough to still be thriving. Certainly that is why the Edinburgh one was abandoned.

I believe GN received 5 years' funding from somewhere to set them up to include older people in social media.

Caledonai14 Tue 06-Mar-18 10:31:38

Thanks for your help and suggestions. It looks a bit tricky to get into Aberdeenshire for people who want to reply, unless they put each topic on watching. A while ago someone tried to get a Scotland section going and I wonder whether that would work?