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BlueBelle Sun 03-Jun-18 07:52:31

The only advice I would offer is give what help you can but do wait to be asked or ask lightly if they would like a b or c and don’t be upset if your offer isn’t needed and don’t have high expectations so many disappointments on here (I wasn’t asked to run the baby shower I wasn’t allowed to see the baby born, I m not allowed round six times a week etc etc )
You sound as if you have a great relationship with your future daughter in law and her mum so long may it continue
I don’t know if you watch Holby ( or is it casualty) but there is an similar scenario with an autistic chap and girlfriend (also autistic) they’re expecting a baby and the consultant aunt of the chappy got so overjoyed and worried that she started taking over thinking they couldn’t manage and had to take a big step back or lose them
Good luck

GrayGran Sun 03-Jun-18 07:22:41

Hi nannyblueberry and welcome to Gransnet. Congratulations on the coming grandchild. You seem to me to be on the right track, being a support to both the soon-to-be parents. Are they very young? I understand why you are worried about how things will work out but perhaps once the initial excitement has settled, so will your son. I'm sure they will have support from other quarters too, meaning that it won't all be on your shoulders and you can just be a loving Nanny.


NannyBlueberry Sat 02-Jun-18 23:12:43

Hey, I'm a new soon to be grandparent (7 weeks in the pregnancy)I've known for a couple weeks.
I guess What I'm looking for is advice?
I'm very close to my son's girlfriend and her mother, we went for the first scan together today which was amazing smile
My son has struggled with mental health issues for a while, as has his girlfriend, and while he was initially happy to be a dad, has backed off saying 'everyone is hassling him'
hes's happy to talk about his baby but I have a grappling fear that he's going to leave her to go through everything on her own (which will never happen)I guess, as a single new to be nanny I'd like some advice x