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Your Toys - Children's Theatre Show

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LutonCulture Mon 10-Sep-18 17:04:02

Sunday 23rd September 2018
2:30pm - 3:30pm

A family show for 5-9 year olds and their grown ups.

A monstrous force rules the land! Only the bravest can defeat it! On this epic journey across a seemingly deserted island in the middle of the ocean, ingenuity and teamwork are the only things that will save the day.

With original live music, beautiful puppets, minimal dialogue, five on stage and tons of humour this is a perfect show for your family.

Grown-ups and children alike, bring your own toy to the theatre and join in this gigantic adventure. Only the toys can save us - Your Toys!

Age guidance: 5-9 years

‘In every childhood there should be a show that you remember for life: this will be your children’s’ Audience Member 2016

‘What a sense of empowerment the children feel watching a little piece of their world create something so exciting’ Little Book Books

‘…one humdinger of a show. We came away on top of the world. It’s the mix of high energy, dance, music, a good quest story, super puppeteering and the wonderfully robust yet loopy humour. If 5 year olds could make such a sophisticated show surely this would be it’ Audience Member 2017

‘Magical! An ideal introduction to the theatre for children’ The Stage

Event website: Luton Culture Website