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AnnB Mon 17-Sep-18 14:24:12

We're still picking up hints from Vogue, Good Housekeeping etc about trends we may or may not want to follow!
This month the headings are Bohemian (appeal to all us Sixties ladies?) which includes prints patchworks, all those muted indian skirt and tie dye top colours. Another trend is Neutrals mustard, beige, browns, very Autumn! Checks on oversize coats are very fashionable and M and S are doing a typical but limited edition one in black and white for £99. Heavy Petals was the buzz line for dresses with pretty florals in bright colours. Oversized power dressing looks more comfortable than the last round in the eighties, and the final noticeable trend is for jungle prints, which looks fashionable and also extends to jewellery! All comments welcome and any hints about good places to buy great clothes in Staffordshire!

HildaW Mon 17-Sep-18 16:12:13

The trouble is that unless one has a really good figure wearing recycled trends can look distinctly odd, almost as if you are still wearing your own old clothes from that decade rather than new fashion. I recently tried on a 70s inspired dress and just looked like an old lady wearing something she found in Oxfam. It can work if you are careful with accessories but the real trick to looking good is to leave fashion behind, find your own style and just add the odd piece that really takes your fancy such as a good coat, a bag or boots. The whole look might work on a willowy 18 year old but on me....well.....looks a bit like Miss Marple!

M0nica Mon 17-Sep-18 21:46:39

I wear colours and styles that suit me and that I like, but only shop when I need clothes. I follow fashion if it appeals, but otherwise not.

So I can say with confidence that no-one will ever catch me wearing animal prints, no matter how fashionable. I loathe them, but I have just bought a funnel necked coat, which seems to be very popular at present. I bought it because I liked the style, the colour (red) and the fabric (wool boucle) (oh and the price) it was on 'promo' in a shop in France.

AnnB Wed 14-Nov-18 09:05:08

Another message picked up from Vogue this month, is that knitted garments from top to toe (so dresses or jumper and skirt or trousers) are very a la mode this winter. Lucky you if you can knit your own! The pictures were in very bright colours. That should cheer up a winter's day! Let's know what you think!