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Having a coffee and and a chat

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Daisymay1 Sat 24-Nov-18 08:31:55

Hi anyone looking for a meet up within this area . I’m interested in short walks , coffee , lunch etc . [ smile ]

silverlining48 Sat 24-Nov-18 11:20:34

Hello Daisy. Just to boot this along a bit you might be better putting this on the meet up section, and need to say whereabouts you are.

Pittcity Sat 24-Nov-18 11:47:20

It's always worth putting meetup requests on both local and main meet up sections to get more interest. Both come up on the active forum threads list. A heading of Holmfirth meet up would get more local clicks as silverlining said.

Daisymay1 Mon 26-Nov-18 15:44:28

Thank you silverlining48

Daisymay1 Mon 26-Nov-18 15:45:05

Thank you also pittcity