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Anybody Out There?

19 farview

christmas wedding

2 Mumsy

Gransnetters needed to give Specsavers hearing services in Bury a try! £200 to be won

1 LucyGransnet

Saving our High Street

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4 rubylady

Favourite books

1 GinnyTonic

Always looking for something new

5 juneh

Planning for Christmas

2 GreatNana


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Bolton meetup in September

2 GinnyTonic

Bolton Meetup?

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Welcome from your local editor

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Shrinking Clothes Syndrome

4 Beancounter

North-west meet-up in May?

10 whenim64

Does the weather affect your mood?

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1 GinnyTonic

Bus Passes

4 Par4TheCourse

How can we improve the site for you?

13 GinnyTonic

Doing Stuff For Charity

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7 Iam64

Knit & Natter

3 whenim64

What is your picture of a gran?

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Managing Money

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Spill Chucker

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1 Cherryb


6 Wayfinder


3 Angie44

Food and drink

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Keeping Fit

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Punctuation etc

2 Wayfinder


3 Wayfinder

Is it barbecue weather yet?

1 GransMT

Dangerous Dogs

1 Par4TheCourse

Churchill awards for over 65s

1 GinnyTonic


2 YaYaJen

Things to do

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Health Issues

3 Waverley