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South Wales Clarinet Choir - Saturday 9 June

1 TheBishopsPalace

Flower Crown Workshop at Kilver Court | Saturday 12 May

2 TheBishopsPalace

Twelfth Night by The HandleBards at Kilver Court | 12 June

1 kilvercourt

Let's get this show on the road

1 Sunny82z

Learning Something New

4 rootintootin

Is this board still active?????

20 Lilleth

Best Office View

3 marionsview


1 marionsview

North Somerset

3 yggdrasil

gardeners recommendations

1 firebird33

Meet up tomorrow

7 Retrolady

Local competitions

2 Wallygrom

Spring Meetup?

11 Wallygrom

Do you have a camera/smartphone?

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March newsletter

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Recycling Christmas presents

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New Years Resolutions

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Merry Christmas

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Christmas present ideas

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Possible Autumnal Meetup

14 SueD

Best Place to Eat in Somerset

3 rootintootin

Advice for new grandparents needed

2 littleflo


1 EmilyGransnet

Urgent need to deal with rapid rise in numbers of older people, says report

1 Wallygrom

Are there any older Mums to younger children on here?

6 Evenstar

Fruit crop glut!

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On the road with Antiques Roadshow

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Read a Good Book Recently?

14 Sandy217

New car tax rules!

3 SueD

Volunteering Opportunities

2 Evenstar

Great British Bake Off is back!

5 Sandy217

Are you a grandparent to adopted children?

1 Wallygrom

Ideas for days out for one of our Gransnetters

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Summer 2014 Meet Up

27 SueD

Local Editor for Somerset

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Car tax scam

8 SueD

Glastonbury Festival

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6 SueD

Face Book

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Spring 2014 Meet Up

17 Sandy217

A visitor

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2014 Meet Up

42 gimmer

looking for new christian chat friends

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32 GrannyPDilly

Introduction and Welcome

22 Sandy217

Making our site relevant to us

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