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Best place to sit and contemplate Life, The Universe and Everything. 8 Greyduster
T’ai Chi 1 Walker1002
hello from a garden designer and landscape builder for Edinburgh 2 hildajenniJ
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Could you do with a companion pet? 1 sammymcf1
Meeting Place for East Lothian Gransnetters 4 NannySparkle
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June coffee and cake 60 Spex
Fight Food Waste With OLIO 1 BenOLIO
Food Sharing App Comes To Edinburgh 1 BenOLIO
Have you given up driving? 1 BethG1
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Denied Contact. 1 Jane390
MEET 1 ardbeg
One day in Edinburgh 6 Pittcity
Elegran's suggestion re Nov 30 meet-up 4 Pittcity
Rant 1 Henrietta
Rain 1 Henrietta
Highlands and Islands 1 hebrideanlady
Loud music in shops and restaurants 1 dodiegale1
Looking for a new cover photo 6 Newleaseoflife
miniature dachshund 6 Newleaseoflife
Newly hatched 1 Elegran
Coffee and cake meetup 35 Newleaseoflife
I'm new here 3 baubles
Dolphins at Aberdeen 1 Elegran
The independence vote 3 Thistledoo
Whales in the Firth of Forth! 1 Notso
Dundee's bid to be City of Culture 2017 1 em
Archeology 7 NextStopWaverley
coming to Edinburgh 8 NextStopWaverley
A possible venue for a future meet-up? 3 NextStopWaverley
Food & Drink 3 baubles
Edinburgh needs a Boris, says London Mayor’s dad. Any nominations? 3 NextStopWaverley
GOLF 4 Waverley
Why does the media only show stereotype pictures of older women? 3 scotsgran
Facebook and Twitter 4 Beancounter
TRAMS - will the city ever get back to normal? 3 NextStopWaverley
Change of my username 1 NextStopWaverley
Consultation announced on "New Local Transport Strategy" 3 Madrigal