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Do you have a favourite bra?

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MEDIA: AdrienneJC17 Sat 17-Mar-18 13:10:03

Hello all,
I'm part of a Design Council Innovation Programme looking at designing stylish, functional and comfortable bras for women of any age who have mobility or dexterity issues due to a health problem or injury.

I'd love to hear about your current bra likes/dislikes, and any improvements you'd like to see to help make a bra easier to fasten and put on/take off.

And if you do have time to take part in a more detailed survey, please email me at [email protected]

Many thanks.

Caledonai14 Sat 17-Mar-18 17:41:52

I find sports bras with no seams on the cups the most comfortable to wear, but you just can't get them in a larger size. Given that larger ladies are possibly a tad more likely to face discomfort with activities like sport and dancing - and the least likely to want extra padding which seems to be in fashion - I'm very surprised by this.

Grannyknot Sat 17-Mar-18 17:46:04

I need a bra with wide sides (from the cup to the fastener) - many bras are "skinny" there and causes "oversupply" - not a good look - and uncomfortable too.

I don't have injuries or a health problem though.

Grannyknot Sat 17-Mar-18 17:47:21

Oversupply?! I wrote "overspill", but that is due to oversupply I guess smile

tanith Sat 17-Mar-18 18:31:06

Caledonail I wear a sports bras most of the time and M & S do large sizes up to F and G cups they are very comfy.

hildajenniJ Sat 17-Mar-18 19:04:07

Do sports bras ride up? Can you try them on in the store? I have no idea what size I am these days. The last bras I bought were 38c but now they are less than comfortable. I would like to try sports bras as an alternative.

tanith Sat 17-Mar-18 19:20:28

You can try Marks bras on I like because I’ve always hated having a wobble IYKWIM grin sports bras stop it and minimise too.

Tegan2 Sat 17-Mar-18 19:51:51

I just loved the Genie bras, but unfortunately they don't seem to make them any more. There are similar ones on the market but they're not as good as the original ones. I'm not very busty and Genie bras are nicely padded [although you can take the padding out]. I hate anything with lace on, as it makes me itch.

Atqui Sat 17-Mar-18 20:00:48

I'd love to find an under wired bra with straps set closer together somthatbtheynwere not constantly falling off the shoulder

Lazigirl Sat 17-Mar-18 20:33:19

I do not like underwired bras but am very fond of the Berlei Classic style which has no underwriting yet is very supportive for bigger cup sizes, and with some stretch.

vampirequeen Sun 18-Mar-18 07:17:24

I'd like a bra that:

is pretty but not too lacey
has wider side straps at the sides and over the shoulders
has strong support but no wires
has no padding
has minimum and/or soft seams
has matching pants
doesn't cost an arm and a leg

shysal Sun 18-Mar-18 08:54:40

underwired full cup bra
I wear underwired bras because the non-wired ride up on me. My favourites are full cup so that the 1.5cm straps are placed centrally rather than wide, and they have side support. I have a selection of lovely jewel colours to match my tops as well as flesh and black.
I don't have a disability but when I injured a shoulder I managed them well with my normal method of doing up back-to-front and then twizzling round. Front fastening sounds more practical but reaching back into them can be difficult for anyone with limited movement.

Nanah67 Sun 18-Mar-18 10:24:00

Tegan2....Jml do a belivia bra which is in my opion is as good as a genie...sainsburys tu have one as well.
I have given up on underwired bras as they became very uncomfortable. Find the above bras very comfortable with no overspills and a wide back.

Tegan2 Sun 18-Mar-18 11:09:52

I've got a Tu one; the shape is ok but the padding which, in the Genie bra was comfortable and flattering is neither in the Sainsburys version [the padding is stiffer]. I also bought a Mariella bra on the internet which, again has very stiff padding. Asda did a very good Genie type bra but their latest version has lace on it and, again, isn't very flattering. I'll check out the JML one....

Squiffy Sun 18-Mar-18 14:58:09

Dislike: Straps that are constantly falling off my shoulders because they are placed too far apart and at the wrong angle IMHO! If they must be placed on the outside edge of the cups would it be possible to angle them so that they turned inwards IYSWIM? /oo\ rather than \oo/

Nanabilly Sun 18-Mar-18 16:48:15

I'm a very large busted lady! I hate having to have new bra's as it's a real pain to find good ones that are pretty and a good fit in large sizes .I went to bravissimo some years ago and they did not do my size but managed to sell me 2 somehow ,the assistant insisted they were my size and I just had to get used to them , they weren't and I didn't.
Never been back since.
I have found that you have to try on every bra for fit as they are all different even 2 from the same brand can be very different fit.
I would love to find bras in my size that are..
Straps that don't fall down
Straps that down twist after a couple of wears/ washes. That is so painful.
Cups that don't crumple after a couple of washes. ie tee shirt bras.
Easier to fasten when my arthritic hands are painful.
Lace that does not scratch.
Not too expensive.

Esspee Sun 18-Mar-18 16:56:53

Over the head soft sports bras are the most comfortable. For dressy outfits a front fastening racer back model ensures no slipping straps but best of all is no bra at all. We did burn them in the 70s didn't we?

loopyloo Sun 18-Mar-18 17:03:51

I would like a bra with masses of lycra that fit me like a second skin and gives me a great shape. With straps that don't fall off my shoulders and is very comfortable.

silverlining48 Sun 18-Mar-18 18:37:43

By the evening, if not before, my bra usually feels incredibly tight so I undo it, or if at home I take it off. Oh the relief.
I dont have one which is comfortable for one whole day, they are all as bad as each other whatever the make and whether or not they have been fitted.

M0nica Mon 19-Mar-18 17:09:35

It has never occurred to me that bras could cause so much grief. I have been wearing then for 60 years plus, and in that period I have had the occasional uncomfortable one, but beyond the fact that I have never worn a padded bra, I see no point in pretending to have what I haven't got, and I like my underwear to match and be pretty, I have never had any problems with my bras.