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Inviting paid participation in our ACADEMIC RESEARCH on OLDER AND YOUNGER COWORKERS

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MEDIA: libbydrury123 Fri 27-Jul-18 10:23:32


We are reaching out for assistance with important research on older workers conducted by Birkbeck Organizational Psychologists.

Funded by the British Academy, this research examines how older and younger colleagues interact at work. To do this, we need pairs of co-workers who know each other and work together in the same organisation. Each pair will consist of one older (50 years or older) and one younger co-worker (35 years or younger).

In addition to contributing to world-leading research, you will receive up to £15 in exchange for your participation.

Answer 3 short confidential online questionnaires (max. 10 minutes), over a 3-week period. Questions ask about your contact and cooperation experiences with an older [or younger] coworker. Also, you we’ll ask you to nominate an older [or younger] to take part. We will invite them to answer the 3 questionnaires and they too will receive £15 in exchange for their participation.

We are inviting members or employees of Gransnet that are under 35 years old or over 50 years old and work a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Please click the links below if you’d like more info or to register your interest in taking part and the researchers will be in touch with you (their details are below if you have any questions).

More info link:

Sign up link:

Thank you for your support and cooperation
Dr Libby Drury & Dr Ulrike Fasbender

Dr Libby Drury
Department of Organizational Psychology
Birkbeck, University of London
E: [email protected]

Auntieflo Fri 27-Jul-18 11:36:13

Apologies for lowering the tone, but couldn't the heading read Co-workers? I always think of cows when coworkers comes up. ( You can tell I have nothing better to do this morning) smile

BlueBelle Fri 27-Jul-18 12:43:26

You would think a university would know co-workers had a hyphen wouldn’t you

Auntieflo Fri 27-Jul-18 12:49:47

Weeeell, I didn't like to put my foot in it, as some of these words are now in common usage.

Jalima1108 Fri 27-Jul-18 12:53:10

But shouldn't coworkers have two 'ws' if relating to the dairy industry?
ie cowworkers?

Just saying

Jalima1108 Fri 27-Jul-18 12:56:52

And just to add - I am fed up with 'inter-generational research' which appears to have no other object than to cause inter-generational strife.

Grannyknot Fri 27-Jul-18 14:14:25

Well, I like helping with research so will ask mg younger colleague whether she is interested.

Why is the knee-jerk response from GNetters often snippy? I find it faintly embarrassing.

Yours, Teachers Pet.

BlueBelle Fri 27-Jul-18 16:15:25

I m sick of research which tries to prove older people are a different race Why would they not mix in with young old or middle some will, some won’t, that’s life

Jalima1108 Fri 27-Jul-18 16:15:54

Not 'knee-jerk' but a considered response, Grannyknot.

There have been other threads about so-called intergenerational conflict.

Jalima1108 Fri 27-Jul-18 16:18:49

What a pity you find Gnetters snippy Grannyknot

Who knows where some of this research may lead. Remember Cambridge Analytical?
Not to mention other questionnaires.

Elegran Fri 27-Jul-18 16:53:07

There is also the possibility that whatever the carefully analysed conclusion of this research, the media will get hold of it and blast us with one of their usual confrontational headlines like, "Oldies cause friction in the workplace" (which would mean that the younger co-worker had mentioned smilingly that the only slight disagreement they had had with an older colleague was over whether they should buy custard creams or bourbons to have with their coffee.)

Jalima1108 Fri 27-Jul-18 16:58:27

Quite, Elegran.

Hence certain suspicions and sceptism.

Jalima1108 Fri 27-Jul-18 16:59:22


MiniMoon Fri 27-Jul-18 18:08:34

I won't be doing the survey. All I have to say is that I worked with younger and older colleagues and never found friction in my workplace. I have a very good friend who is 30 years younger than me. We have lots in common, and loads of fun together. She is an ex-colleague.

libbydrury123 Fri 17-Aug-18 15:20:41

Hello Jalima1108 and BlueBelle,
Many thanks for your comments. We’d like to reassure you that the aim of our research is to better understand how colleagues of different ages cooperate in the workplace and have successful working relationships.
Also, thanks for raising concerns about data protection Jalima1108. We’d like to reassure you that this research adheres to the ethical code of practice including the protection of participants’ data set out by Birkbeck, University of London.

libbydrury123 Fri 17-Aug-18 15:21:38

Hello Grannyknot
Many thanks for your comment. We look forward to hearing from you.

libbydrury123 Fri 17-Aug-18 15:27:17

Hello MiniMoon
Thank you for sharing your experience. We understand that not everyone can, or will want to, take part in our research, but if you'd like to support us you can share our story to your friends and colleagues. Also, you can follow our research on intergenerational contact and cooperation at work online, we update our project website regularly smile (link to project website here: