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Held for a moment - stillbirth awareness film

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MEDIA: lunamoonproductions Mon 24-Sep-18 15:49:37

Hello Everybody,

My grandmother had a stillbirth in the 1930's and as a result she was segregated and institutionalised. She was given intense shock therapy and medical treatment and she died before I could meet her.

I was given her manuscript of this period of her life, which inspired me to write a short film following the journey of a young woman after the loss of her stillborn child.

Supporting this film means supporting all those families and women who have lost their newborns but it also means encouraging powerful female narratives through the medium of film.

Stillbirth is a tragedy which impacts so many families and the topic is often left unspoken. I want to break the silence with this film to encourage discussions and raise awareness about stillbirth so bereaved parents feel less isolated.

You will be able to see our teaser on the link below. I hope it touches your heart. If you can contribute in anyway possible we would be forever grateful.

Thank you for your time.

Antonia Desplat

Squiffy Mon 24-Sep-18 16:36:01

You will be able to see our teaser

What a shockingly inappropriate choice of words angry

Luckygirl Mon 24-Sep-18 17:40:27

Teaser - gawd help us.

JudyJudy12 Mon 24-Sep-18 17:48:49

This is raising funds to cover wages and food amongst other things for the production company, if it is such a good cause why dont they give there services for free and bring a packed lunch!

PECS Mon 24-Sep-18 18:58:53

JudyJudy why should people work for free? Everyone needs to make a living and pay their bills. It is not a hobby but a professional film. At one time grants were available to help towards these type of films which will not recoup money via sales. Sadly these sources have dried up as part of the great austerity drive!
You do not have to donate to anything you do not want to. Let others make their own minds up.

paddyann Mon 24-Sep-18 21:25:42

there is brilliant help and support available from SANDS,Stillbirths are treated very differently now than they were when the OP 's grandmother had hers .The best people to get help from,in my opinion , are people who have themselves gone through the experience .

PECS Mon 24-Sep-18 21:33:17

Presumably why the filmmakers are working with a SANDs advisor

lunamoonproductions Tue 25-Sep-18 16:26:45

Thank you PECS for your kind response.

JudyJudy - I wish I could make this film for free but people need to be paid. Would you work for free?

I wont be getting paid and thats totally normal, but everybody that gets hired to make this project deserves a salary.

There is no money back in short films like PECS said and we will organise screenings on donation basis which will all go to SANDS and Tommy's charity to support their work further.

No hate needed here, we are just trying to help raise awareness and encourage discussions about stillbirth through the medium of film.

Eglantine21 Tue 25-Sep-18 17:16:44

I think Antonia that some of us found the word “teaser” quite insensitive when talking about stillbirth. I certainly did, along with the cheery ‘Hello everyone” introduction.

I can’t think either was appropriate when asking people for responses to stillbirth.

I’m afraid I wasn’t then disposed to help you out with anything.

Do you think you might have a more positive response if you weren’t so cavalier with your audience.

Sorry, Im getting quite agitated just revisiting your post.

lunamoonproductions Tue 25-Sep-18 17:43:36

Eglantine 21 -

Im really sorry you feel this way. I didn't think I was being cavalier with my audience and please accept my apologies if that's the way it came across.

'Hello everyone' is a simple way to engage with everybody since this forum has a lot of different audiences and it isn't targeted especially for bereaved parents I didn't feel appropriate to start my message with I'm sorry for your losses. That is why I posted in the Media section.

Teaser is the word people use in the film industry to show a snippet of their work so please don't take it as an offence.

I'm so incredibly passionate about this topic and our project and responses like this absolutely break my heart.

Im sorry for offending anyone here, that really wasn't the intention.



Anniebach Tue 25-Sep-18 17:48:10

I am sure it wasn’t the intention , perhaps more thought should have been given , ‘teaser ‘ I would expect for a new Harry Potter or James Bond film.

PECS Tue 25-Sep-18 23:03:00

It is film making language. I really can't imagine that someone who did not care about the issue of still birth bereavement would be leading a piece of work on it so I simply assumed good intention rather than taking umbrage where none was needed!

Squiffy Tue 25-Sep-18 23:15:47

PECS I think we're aware that 'teaser' is a term used in film making, but it was insensitive to use it considering the topic.

I agree with Annie.

Thank you, Antonia, for your apology.