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BBC Business Unit seeks “WASPI” woman and her mother and daughter for interview.

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MEDIA: Louise Fri 02-Nov-18 15:32:51

Hi all Gransnetters!

The latest changes to the state pension age take effect this month, with the retirement age rising to 65 for women.
BBC Business Unit North is seeking a family to help with our coverage of this important development.

We’d like to speak to one of the so called ”WASPI” women, born between 1950 & and 1955, who stand to lose income as a result , and also the same women’s mother and daughter or niece.

The idea would be to see how the change in policy is affecting women in the same family in different ways.
The elderly mother for example would have been under the old state pension where she most likely had a much lower pay out than her husband.
This is usually estimated to be a fifth or less, but in fact many of these women born in the thirties and forties had no state pension at all.
The daughter/ niece stands to get more but at a later date with the state pension age rising to 68 at some point between 2024-46

The final report would be for BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Online.

Could Gransnet user who feels they may fall into this category and could take part send a short explanation of their family’s situation and a mobile contact number

Please send details to
[email protected]
[email protected]

paddyann Fri 02-Nov-18 17:36:23

Last I heard state pension is rising to 70 with a view to phasing it out altogether for folk who are age 20 and under now.I'll get mine when I'm 65 and 6 months ,after 50 years of working with no breaks .To say I'm not amused is not a lie.I'm furious.I had NO communication from DWP ...not even now and had to find out online .I'll have lost upwards of £45000 if you count lost pension and extra NI payments .I suppose they had to fund the tax cuts somewhere !!

janeainsworth Fri 02-Nov-18 18:12:55

Not till 2054 so it won’t do the present government much good paddyann