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Do you defy 'old' stereotypes?

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MEDIA: CathMc Mon 14-Jan-19 16:57:27

I'm working on a really exciting project for a well known brand, all about celebrating getting older and mythbusting 'old' stereotypes.

We're looking for someone (male or female) to take part who:
- is 70+ and defies old age stereotypes
- has some impressive and surprising achievements under their belt (in recent years/in later life/since retiring)

The story we're developing is about how the younger generation envy their seniors, as they are more confident/just go out there and do things etc... which is contrary to what some people might think about getting older.

We're looking for someone with an extraordinary story to tell. Maybe retirement has given you the opportunity to do something you could never have dreamed of. Maybe you've broken a record in something you'd associate with youngsters. Perhaps you've become infamous in your area for your outgoing antics.

Once we have chosen the person/story, we will be immortalising them into a very excited piece of artwork.

If you would like to be involved, or know someone who might, please send me a PM with a summary who you/they are and why you think you'd/they'd be a good candidate.

You need to be available for at least two days in Jan/Feb (we can work around you) for production of the artwork and filming, then on the 6th March for a photo shoot. You also need to be happy to be filmed, photographed and to appear in national media. All expenses will be paid.