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Grandmothers wanted for new BBC show!

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MEDIA: rsparks Mon 06-Jul-20 17:13:04

We are looking for grandmothers and their grand-children to take part in a fun and entertaining new TV show for the BBC!

MissAdventure Mon 06-Jul-20 17:25:25

Count me out.

Calendargirl Mon 06-Jul-20 17:57:29

I hope my GC love me, but I certainly think they would be absolutely horrified if I thought they were my ‘best mate’.

BlueBelle Mon 06-Jul-20 18:15:34

Blooming heck not healthy to expect your grandchild to be your ‘best mate’

Calendargirl Mon 06-Jul-20 18:19:57

a fun and entertaining new TV show for the BBC

Sounds dire, don’t think I will be watching.

vegansrock Mon 06-Jul-20 18:25:00

Blimey that gran looks super glam. If that’s what they are expecting it will put many off.

joannapiano Mon 06-Jul-20 18:25:32

They all think we’re as old as Methuselah. (DH and me are 71)

BlueBelle Mon 06-Jul-20 19:12:13

Sorry granny in the picture I don’t like long grey hair

Illte Mon 06-Jul-20 19:27:18

Especially hanging all over the cooking. Ugh!

Lucca Mon 06-Jul-20 19:29:13

Yes my GD is my best friend we often say this....but she is only 5!

trisher Mon 06-Jul-20 19:32:32

Please please can we have a sick making emoji-finger down throat- this is one example of why it is really needed.

Greenfinch Mon 06-Jul-20 19:41:31

I have six grandchildren but none are in the required age range.

Granarchist Mon 06-Jul-20 19:42:24

Nanna? Dear God. Patronising rubbish.

BlueBelle Mon 06-Jul-20 19:59:53

I ve got seven grandkids and six fall in the right ages but I can think of nothing worse than little talks about sex and bodies and so would they

Callistemon Mon 06-Jul-20 20:23:32


Blimey that gran looks super glam. If that’s what they are expecting it will put many off.

It puts me off, vegansrock!

Callistemon Mon 06-Jul-20 20:25:49

Well, I did see the DGC today in our bubble and, as I left, the younger one said "Bye bye, friend".

So do I qualify?
Oh no, she's far too young, oh dear.

Squiffy Mon 06-Jul-20 20:40:51

a fun and entertaining new TV show for the BBC

The word entertaining is ringing alarm bells for me! Entertaining at whose expense?! hmm

Grannybags Mon 06-Jul-20 21:02:15

Sounds like a terrible idea 😱

MissAdventure Mon 06-Jul-20 21:08:32

It'll probably be worth a watch then. grin

janeainsworth Mon 06-Jul-20 21:13:43

<serious post alert>
I think the responses on this thread (with which I’m in full agreement) illustrate just what’s wrong with most television today and why I watch very little of it.
So much of it, masquerading as ‘entertainment’ seems to be making fun of, and even humiliating, ordinary people who for whatever reason have persuaded themselves it might be a good idea to have their 15 minutes of fame.
Thanks, but it’s a no thanks from me too.

MissAdventure Mon 06-Jul-20 21:17:55

I'm sure there will be plenty of interest from some families.

EllanVannin Mon 06-Jul-20 21:47:26

No mention of glamorous GREAT grannies then ? Or do we all look as though we've been dug up ? grin

rafichagran Mon 06-Jul-20 21:55:22

No Thanks, this would not be for me, and my Grandchildren would be horrified.

EllanVannin Mon 06-Jul-20 22:03:46

This isn't the real world is it ?

mcem Mon 06-Jul-20 22:12:58

Well EV it might be 'reality' tv - a genre I loathe and avoid.
So I won't be volunteering!