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Meet up in St Andrews

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Elizabeth1 Wed 17-Apr-19 07:39:09

I’m thinking of a nice trip to St Andrews sometime the end of June or the first 2 weeks in July. I’ve missed several catch ups due to other commitments and would love to see you all again.

Marelli Wed 17-Apr-19 08:00:05

I think I'll be free around this time (also my pal, Ina). Pop our names on the list, please, Elizabeth1 .

Katek Wed 17-Apr-19 08:25:28

And me too please

cascats Wed 17-Apr-19 09:46:23

Can you put me down as a provisional please, am off to daughters early July but dates not fixed yet. So if am here would love to join you.

Elegran Wed 17-Apr-19 09:57:14

I can be there if it is July, but not at the end of June.

Elegran Wed 17-Apr-19 10:33:21

I've added another meetup thread - Tapestry Studio.

weenanni59 Wed 17-Apr-19 12:01:52

If I am free on the dates you go for I would love to join you in St. Andrews 😀

Marydoll Wed 17-Apr-19 12:39:10

I'm so jealous! Too far for me. Enjoy!

Jane10 Wed 17-Apr-19 14:24:41

On hols in June then again for a week in July! Wait all year and two holidays come along at once!!
Will you be going to the Tail End again for the best fish and chips in the world? Mmmmmm

Elizabeth1 Wed 17-Apr-19 14:25:03

Can I put your names down Wednesday 3rd July for St Andrews visit.

Elizabeth1 Wed 17-Apr-19 14:28:45

Jane10 fish and chips and a donder around St Andrews what fun. Those who want to buy fish to take home - well think about it seriously think about it grin

Elizabeth1 Wed 17-Apr-19 14:33:11


Jane10 Wed 17-Apr-19 15:34:33

Sorry not me! sad Have a great time.

Elegran Wed 17-Apr-19 16:11:23

I can do 3rd July.

weenanni59 Wed 17-Apr-19 17:27:51

Can I be a provisional yes? I can let you know for definite in May

GeminiJen Wed 17-Apr-19 19:55:10

Sorry, can't make July 3rd.
If date changes, can do June 17 - 27 and July 7 onwards.

Brunette10 Tue 23-Apr-19 14:16:40

Hi there, meant to get back to you re this post. I unfortunately can't make a Wednesday. Shame I would love to have come along. St.Andrews is such a lovely place. I hope you all have a lovely time. Enjoy your fish and chips smile

Grammaretto Tue 23-Apr-19 14:43:35

I can maybe come although I will have my American cousin staying.
I love st Andrews

Elizabeth1 Fri 26-Apr-19 08:50:50

Grammaretto Please bring your American cousin along to St Andrews with you.

Grammaretto Fri 26-Apr-19 09:32:37

Thanks. I will ask her though she may be bringing her whole family!
If she's on her own I certainly shall.

Elizabeth1 Sun 28-Apr-19 07:16:51

Grammaretto a few years ago some of us met in a lovely restaurant in Aberdeen where the ladies welcomed my daughter and my wee baby grandson. They even treated my daughter to a meal with us. How kind they were and my daughter really enjoyed meeting these lovely ladies from Gransnet.

Marelli Sun 28-Apr-19 07:30:40

Definitely, Grammaretto. Bring them with you. 🙂

Marelli Sun 28-Apr-19 07:32:09

Have we decided on a date yet?

Grammaretto Sun 28-Apr-19 08:41:26

Aw how kind everyone is Elizabeth1
Depending on the dates then. I am amazed that you can all plan so far ahead.

weenanni59 Tue 07-May-19 23:33:11

I won’t be able to come 😢
Grandson’s childminder is on holiday
Babysitting duties .. I do love it though 😀