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Meet up in Cumbria

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mumofmadboys Fri 03-May-19 19:52:30

Deaneke and I have recently made contact with each other and have decided to meet for tea and cake on Wednesday 19 th June at Moota Garden Centre at 2.30 pm. This is on the A595 between Cockermouth and Bothel. Would anyone else like to join us. You would be very welcome. The post code for sat navs is CA13 0QE

deaneke Fri 03-May-19 20:09:44

See the there MoMboys!

janeainsworth Fri 03-May-19 20:54:16

I'd like to come if I'm freesmile

mumofmadboys Fri 03-May-19 20:55:22

It will be good to meet you janea!

janeainsworth Fri 03-May-19 21:27:14

I'll try to make it momb. It will be good to meet you too.
We've been in the US since mid-March & not back till end May so at the moment I haven't a clue what's going on in June grin

mumofmadboys Sat 04-May-19 06:50:10


mumofmadboys Sat 04-May-19 06:51:08

Any others from Cumbria who are interested?

MiniMoon Sat 04-May-19 09:45:54

I'm just over the border in Northumberland momb. I'll pencil you in and try to come.
Something got in the way of every Northumberland meet up that I tried to attend, so going in the opposite direction might be better😀. I'd love to meet you all.

mumofmadboys Sat 04-May-19 10:32:05

We hope you can join us Minimoon!

deaneke Sat 04-May-19 20:03:58

Be lovely to meet you all. ☺

mumofmadboys Mon 06-May-19 08:23:53

Anyone else who lives in Cumbria or there about who would like to meet up?

mumofmadboys Sat 18-May-19 21:50:09


mumofmadboys Sun 02-Jun-19 15:47:55

Anyone else who would like to attend a meet up in Cumbria? Potentially 4 at present. Anyone else would be very welcome

janeainsworth Sun 02-Jun-19 17:18:19

Looking forward to it 🙂

mumofmadboys Sun 02-Jun-19 20:00:50

Glad you can make it janea!

mumofmadboys Wed 12-Jun-19 06:59:52

One week to go to our meet up. At present there is
Anyone else who would like to join us is very welcome.
Can I suggest for identification purposes we wear a blue scarf with a bit hanging over our right shoulder so we don't accost any unsuspecting members of the public?
Looking forward to meeting you all!

janeainsworth Wed 12-Jun-19 07:51:11

My blue scarf has got white stars on. Hope that’s ok grin

mumofmadboys Mon 17-Jun-19 20:46:56

Last chance to join in the Cumbria meet up. It is this Wednesday at 2.30 PM at Moota which is a garden centre between Cockermouth and Bothel on the A595. Four of us are planning on going at the moment but the more the merrier! We would love to meet you!

MattJo Sun 01-Sep-19 13:32:10

I'm very new to Gransnet and have found this thread. How did the meet up go and are there any plans for further meetings?

janeainsworth Sun 01-Sep-19 13:39:53

We had a lovely time mattjo & agreed we would meet again another time & possibly include a short walk.
No definite dates were suggested but if you keep an eye on the meet-ups forum you will see what’s coming up.