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North east

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Savvy Mon 19-Apr-21 21:38:58

Would anyone in the north east like to meet up?

Bixiboo Mon 19-Apr-21 21:46:59

Hi Savvy, whereabouts in the North East are you?

Savvy Tue 20-Apr-21 13:45:35

Hi bixiboo I'm in North Shields.

Bixiboo Wed 21-Apr-21 21:18:37

Hi Savvy, I have sent you a PM.

GagaJo Wed 21-Apr-21 22:08:39

Ah Savvy. The Fish Quay is one of my favourite places.

Savvy Wed 21-Apr-21 22:43:49

Yeah, there's a lot of work going on at the Fish Quay right now.