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Meet up - Taunton

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Samiejb Mon 03-May-21 11:00:42

Any older gransnetters in Taunton fancy meeting up now restrictions are gradually lifting.

Yorki Mon 03-May-21 18:18:41

I wish I lived in Taunton and could meet up with you. I live in North Yorkshire and short of friends.

sassyjanettwinkletoe Fri 07-May-21 13:29:16

Hi! I live in the Taunton area! (Will not be disclose my full address yet as there are some odd people!) - in need of friends as I’ve lost many due to old age and the boat accident last October, What sort of things would we get up to lol!! xx - Janet.

boho43 Sat 08-May-21 00:32:35

I live fairly close to Taunton & would be interested to meet up . Look forward to hearing more .

barbriam Thu 01-Jul-21 12:30:08

Samiejb Hello. I have just caught up with your recent message and will pm you. Barbara

Sunny82z Fri 23-Jul-21 22:58:07

I am near Taunton and would be interested in a meet.