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Leicestershire-ish meet up

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kittylester Sun 16-Jan-22 08:43:10

When this was suggested at the end of last year, I said I would start another thread in the new year.

Here it is.

Who is interested in a get together? Where and when?

Previously we have met in Nottingham, Leicester, Market Harborough near East Midlands airport and possibly other places that I have forgotten but suggestions welcome.

kittylester Sun 16-Jan-22 11:42:50


kittylester Mon 17-Jan-22 08:02:47

I am bumping this again as quite a few people expressed an interest at the end of last year!

J52 Mon 17-Jan-22 08:17:48

Yes I’ll be up for a meet up, depending on where and when.

kittylester Mon 17-Jan-22 11:46:50

I have had the 'heading' of this thread changed as the previous one was headed Leicestershire too.

But the I'm giving up!! grin

MayBeMaw Mon 17-Jan-22 18:25:01

I’d be happy to go to MH as I can do it by train, but not so happy to drive too far especially at this time of year, when it is starting to get dark by 4.30.

kittylester Mon 17-Jan-22 18:34:54

I doubt it will be in January, maw. But happy to pick up from a station if needed.

Abuelamia Mon 17-Jan-22 18:59:03

MH would be good for me

Scentia Mon 17-Jan-22 22:53:37

Sorry Kitty only just seen this.
I will be interested in a meet up anywhere mentioned is fine with me.

Scribbles Mon 17-Jan-22 23:14:43

I'm still up for it if date and place are right. Has there ever been a meet in Newark (good train service from Leicester, Nottingham, Doncaster, York, Peterborough, Lincoln. Good road access, too)?
I'd be happy with Lincoln, Newark, Nottingham or Leicester. MH is a bit more of a faff.

kittylester Tue 18-Jan-22 07:27:43

Has anyone any suggestions for dates or nice places yo eat?

Cabbie21 Tue 18-Jan-22 08:46:49

MH is a bit far for me too, but am open to other possibilities. Either somewhere close to a station, or with good parking, as I am reluctant to drive in cities. Newark is good for me.

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 08:53:44

Have you ever met up in Derby?

I’m not suggesting it for this time, but in future perhaps.

It’s really lovely around the Cathedral Quarter, and some excellent pubs, nice cafes etc there.
And Bennett’s (the worlds oldest department store) will be reopening soon!

kittylester Tue 18-Jan-22 09:48:24

Really! (Bennetts!!!) brilliant place for lunch until it closed!! Not terribly accessible on public transport though.

I'd be up for Derby - I grew up there and DD1 lives in Six Streets.

FannyCornforth Tue 18-Jan-22 09:56:10

Yes, it’s great news isn’t it! My step grandson worked there until it closed. He’s hoping to go back🤞

Transport wise, the train links are great, and then I thought just hop in a taxi, only a very short trip 🚕

Christmas time maybe? I love it around there then

kittylester Tue 18-Jan-22 10:19:01

Is Bennetts the same people?

I'd drive and pass the station so could be the taxi!

kittylester Wed 19-Jan-22 08:21:44

Back to our current plans.

A few people have mentioned Leicester/Market Harborough. Which is preferable and any days or dates good?

FannyCornforth Wed 19-Jan-22 09:26:21

Sorry, Kitty that I didn’t reply.
I have an article (somewhere) about Bennett’s reopening from The Derby Evening Telegraph.
I will try to attach it, or at least find out what it says

dragonfly46 Wed 19-Jan-22 12:21:18

I can do either but would prefer Leicester. I am free most days after the end of the month except Friday and possibly Thursday.

J52 Wed 19-Jan-22 12:45:34

Don’t mind either, prefer not a Thursday.😊

Scentia Wed 19-Jan-22 13:23:03

I can do Monday or Wednesday but will need notice as I work and will have to book it off.

MayBeMaw Wed 19-Jan-22 21:09:43

Can’t do Monday or Wednesdays I’m afraid.
As I am the southernmost person involved, I really would prefer MH, it makes a big difference to travel time and cost, although Leicester would not be quite as out of the question as further north.
But if further north suits the majority, please don’t take any notice of one person. I might be able to do something in late Spring or the summer.

Ali23 Wed 19-Jan-22 21:57:14

Hello... late to the thread, sorry.
I could do Leicester and Market Harborough. Most days are good for me, given enough notice. Afternoons especially good.

Scribbles Thu 20-Jan-22 11:02:30

Leicester is better than MH for me. Wednesday or Friday the best days but I may not be able to go anywhere in the Spring after all as I am currently planning major building works at home which will, I hope, be done in the period March - May.

kittylester Thu 20-Jan-22 13:38:30

Are we thinking of lunch?

Any suggestions of a venue?