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Reading meet up

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Greenfinch Mon 17-Jan-22 18:58:33

Would anyone be interested in meeting up in Reading? Any suggestions as to when, where and what time?

Greenfinch Tue 18-Jan-22 06:56:02


Auntieflo Tue 18-Jan-22 09:30:45

Have you got a venue in mind Greenfinch?
I could do the Holme Grange one possibly, but not the bus to Reading anymore.
Hope you get some takers.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 18-Jan-22 11:45:54

Oops, just caught sight of the thread title and thought that someone was starting a book club! blush Never mind, it gives it a bump, so good luck with fixing up a meeting!

Greenfinch Tue 18-Jan-22 12:18:10

This is not the first time we have been confused with a literary meet-up😊. I think I will have to put Berks in brackets afterwards !

Greenfinch Tue 18-Jan-22 13:07:26

Hi Auntieflo. I just thought we might get more takers if we based ourselves in Reading ( doesn’t seem to be the case !) but we can certainly meet up again at Holme Grange. Would you like to suggest 2 or 3 mornings that are suitable for you ?

M0nica Tue 18-Jan-22 14:54:06

I am happy to come to a Reading meeting. I lived in East Berkshire and Reading for nearly 30 years and I am happy to meet in Reading or Holme Grange. I know where Holme Grange is, in fact I have been there many years ago.

I cannot manage 4 - 17 February, and 24/25 February.

Deedaa Sun 23-Jan-22 21:17:13

I'm booked on 31st Jan and a couple of Saturdays in February but the diary's free apart from those.

Greenfinch Mon 24-Jan-22 11:13:15

It looks as if Holme Grange would be the most convenient venue. If I suggest 3 dates perhaps you could let me know if any are convenient for you.I suggest we meet at 11am for coffee and then stay on for lunch if you are able / want to.Here goes:
Friday 18th February.
Monday 28th February
Tuesday 1st March

M0nica Mon 24-Jan-22 18:30:45

Currently I can do 28th February and 1st March. 18th February is the day after we get back from a visittot our house in France and will be tired and busy unpacking and sorting

Purplepixie Mon 24-Jan-22 18:31:52

I thought it was a book club as well! Doh!

Auntieflo Mon 24-Jan-22 21:40:24

At the moment, I can make any of those dates 🤞

M0nica Tue 25-Jan-22 09:42:13

Sorry, re-edit. I can only do 1st March. I have a Tai Chi class on Monday.

Greenfinch Tue 25-Jan-22 12:35:53

Let’s make it 1st March then 11am at Holme Grange. Everyone welcome

M0nica Tue 25-Jan-22 16:57:32

That's is on my calendar.

Greenfinch Wed 26-Jan-22 11:31:05

I have just started another thread for our next meeting. The title of this thread is confusing so the relevant one is entitled Wokingham.

Greenfinch Thu 24-Feb-22 10:17:27

Looking forward to our Wokingham meet on 1st March-11 ish at Holme Grange. Join us if you can.I have posted this on 2 treads to avoid confusion hopefully.

Auntieflo Thu 24-Feb-22 14:58:46

Well done Greenfinch, I was hoping you would remind us of the next meet-up. Looking forward to seeing you on March 1st.

Greenfinch Thu 24-Feb-22 18:40:07

Glad you can make it Auntieflo. I suddenly realised it was March next week. I still feel it is the middle of February😴

Pennyjw Sat 26-Feb-22 10:55:58

I posted on the other thread! I look forward to seeing you.

Greenfinch Sat 26-Feb-22 13:33:51

It is a bit confusing Pennyjw but it will be lovely to see you again.