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West Sussex - Haywards Heath or Burgess Hill meet-up

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yogagran Sun 09-Feb-14 18:38:43

I'm hoping that a few of us will be able to get together for coffee and cake. I'm in the Horsham area but I think that Haywards Heath or possibly Burgess Hill may be more convenient for others. I don't know either towns particularly well so if we do manage to arrange a date I would be grateful for suggestions for a venue.
Hope we can arrange a mid week date in early March

I know Babs123 and greatfulgran74 are in this West Sussex area so I'm really hoping to hear from both of you and anyone else nearby

gratefulgran54 Mon 14-Apr-14 07:33:41

Hi all, just a quick word to say hope you're still coming on Wednesday?
I'm looking forward to meeting some other GNers, so hope someones going to turn up other than me grin
See you in a couple of days....10.30 (ish)

NannaAnna Mon 14-Apr-14 12:35:27

Unfortunately I am needed for nanna-duties on Wednesday and that takes priority over everything of course.
I do hope there is a good turn out yogagran and gratefulgran
I've just re-posted this thread on Facebook too, with a link to Miss Mabel's as well as the thread.
If anyone takes some photos, do add them to the Facebook page smile

gratefulgran54 Mon 14-Apr-14 17:04:07

Oh that's a shame NannaAnna but I completely understand. Just had the 2 youngest GC here for best part of the day...lovely to see them.
Hopefully there'll be another one soon and you can make it to that.
Have fun with the GC smile

yogagran Mon 14-Apr-14 17:12:27

I should be there!

gratefulgran54 Tue 15-Apr-14 02:41:08

Yay!!! grin

NannaAnna Tue 15-Apr-14 21:44:18

I do hope that a few Sussex Gransnetters turn up and I shall look forward to hearing how it goes. Fingers crossed I'll be able to make the next one!

Brendawymms Wed 16-Apr-14 08:09:45

Had really hoped to be there today for the chat and cupcake but back is really stiff today so unable to drive that far. My thoughts are with you and the cake!

yogagran Wed 16-Apr-14 23:12:39

Just three of us met at Miss Mabel's and spent a lovely couple of hours over coffee. It's a fascinating place - part coffee and cake cafe surrounded by an Aladdin's den of unique items for sale. I spent so much time chatting that I ran out of time to have a look around so will have to go back again.

The three of us decided to meet again, probably during half term week towards the end of May so, to anyone else who would like to join us, you'd be very welcome

gratefulgran54 Thu 17-Apr-14 07:49:58

Was lovely to meet you and NannyHeather, yogagran, very enjoyable couple of hours....looking forward to doing it again! smile

Brendawymms Thu 17-Apr-14 08:16:06

Don't tell ne half term in after 12th June please because I want to be there and I'm off on holiday that day.

NannaAnna Thu 17-Apr-14 22:10:10

Keep everyone posted when you decide on a date yogagran and gratefulgran54 (and 3rd person whose name I don't know hmm).
Apart from Tues and Thurs when I work, there's a chance I can make it, Nanna duties permitting. At the moment a Saturday is probably my best bet, but I know that's not good for everyone.

yogagran Thu 17-Apr-14 23:46:11

With that thought in mind NannaAnna how about Saturday 31st May. The date we had discussed when we met earlier this week was Wednesday 28th but, on checking my diary, that's not good for me. I could do Friday 30th if the Saturday is not good for others?

So - how about Friday 30th or Saturday 31st May?

gratefulgran54 Fri 18-Apr-14 17:40:38

The Saturday would be good for me smile

NannyHeather Sat 19-Apr-14 18:59:40

Hi NannaAnna, I'm the 3rd person that had coffee with Yogagran and Grateful gran. We had a really good natter with our coffee and hope that there will be more "grans" join us next time. I can meet on 30th or 31st of May. I do have an appointment on the morning of 30th but can change that if I know in reasonable time. I look forward to meeting you and any one else that can join us.

NannaAnna Sat 19-Apr-14 19:32:32

I've put Saturday 31st May on the calendar! Fingers crossed smile
Hello NannyHeather - look forward to meeting you next time, along with yogagran and gratefulgran54 and hopefully a few more Sussex Gransnetters too.
Let's keep bumping this thread, and I will post it on the West Sussex and Brighton & Hove sites and Facebook Pages too. Even if just one or two others can come along it would be good!

NannyHeather Thu 15-May-14 09:30:44

Not been on here for a while. Are we still doing a meet up at Miss Mabel's in Burgess Hill on Sat 31st May?

NannaAnna Sat 17-May-14 12:53:12

I'm just giving this a 'bump' for the proposed meet-up on Saturday 31st May.

I'm hoping to be there this time (recovering from pneumonia at the moment sad

Who else is coming along?

MiniMouse Sat 17-May-14 16:44:36

Would have loved to join you this time, but I'm having minor surgery a couple of days before, so will have to give it a miss.

Hope you all have a lovely time.

Brendawymms Sat 17-May-14 17:42:00

Hope to be there miss Mabel's 31st May. What time?

NannaAnna Wed 21-May-14 20:24:34

Hi Brendawymms It looks like last time 10:30-ish was suggested, so I would assume the same time? (ish)

gratefulgran54 Wed 21-May-14 21:03:01

Hoping to make it ladies, has been penciled in my diary for some time and at the moment all looks well. The only thing that might stop me is the tiddlers, obviously if they need/want me they will take precedence.
I am being brave and taking them 'en masse' to the Laughton Steam Fayre this weekend....if I survive I will do my utmost to turn up smile

NannaAnna Sat 24-May-14 16:39:53

Hi again Sussex gransnetters! This meet-up is scheduled for next Saturday (May 31st). How many of us are planning to be there?

Like you gratefulgran54, the grandbabies always take precedence, but fingers crossed I will make this one, having just about recovered from a bout of pneumonia sad. (Stretching myself too far perhaps?)

Hoping to meet a good few Sussex-wide GNetters next Saturday smile

Brendawymms Sat 24-May-14 18:42:50

I'm coming.

yogagran Sun 25-May-14 13:59:28

I'm afraid that my Saturday has been taken over by essential repairs that need my attention sad

gratefulgran54 Fri 30-May-14 20:58:27

Oh dear, it's not the tiddlers that have stopped me, but, sadly my blasted lungs. Despite 2 days of antibiotics and steroids, I am in the full flow of a chest infection, with a touch of dry lung on the right (coughing don't half hurt sad), so I will be unable to join in tomorrow. It will be rest and recuperation in my bed I think.
Hopefully there will be another soon, and I can get to that one.
Have fun whoever goes smile