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Are you over 60 and on hrt ?

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Clio51 Wed 29-Jul-20 18:40:23

Never been on hrt,
Maybe considering it now

Have you started hrt late on?
If you did, was it gp
Or private?

B9exchange Wed 29-Jul-20 21:34:05

Been on it since 1993! Life changer, don't hesitate to try it. If it doesn't suit you, you can swap or stop, but if you don't try, you will never know.

paddyanne Thu 30-Jul-20 00:04:16

Been on it since my early 50's now 66 ,my gynaecologist has said I can stay on it for life.I went on it after trying every alternative remedy known to womankind...from a magnet in my pants to creams and potions and herbs ,nothing worked.If I hadn't finally got an HRT that suited I'd at the very least be divorced and maybe dead.My symptoms were horrendous and I'm happy to say I'm back to being me ..and my husband is happy about that too

ladymuck Thu 30-Jul-20 06:57:38

I've been taking it since the start of the menopause. My doctor has pointed out that the risk of cancer is increased, but that it helps prevent osteo arthritis. I'm more concerned about the quality of my life than the length of it, so I'm happy to keep on taking it.

Liz46 Thu 30-Jul-20 08:23:17

I've been on it for over 30 years, starting on the highest dose patch when my ovaries were removed and am now on the lowest dose.

Esspee Thu 30-Jul-20 09:17:27

I’ve been on it since a surgical menopause at 40. I’m 71 now and still on it. My consultant is happy for me to continue and frankly if she wasn’t I’d find some other way to continue.
Quality of life is so important.
I don’t want osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, sleep disturbances, memory changes, loss of libido, accelerated aging, hot flushes, osteoporosis arthritis, incontinence, hair loss, wrinkles etc. etc.
I look way younger than my peers and still choose to work part time.
Strange the way that you never hear about the long term negatives of menopause. They are never talked about but so debilitating for so many.
Try your GP first then if you are not satisfied ask to be referred to a menopause clinic.

Clio51 Thu 30-Jul-20 12:57:50

Thanks ladies
Seems most of you have been on it before 60

Maybe I should of rephrased my title to
Did you start hrt after 60 ?

Thing is I’m 62 now, so was wondering if any ladies had started it very late in life

Agree quality of life means so so much

Sunnysideup Thu 30-Jul-20 19:32:33

Yep, started at 64 after 12 years of hell. Am 70 and fully expect to be on it for the rest of my life. I bypassed my doctor and went privately. But my doctor quite happily prescribes it for me now. Only have to have oestrogen patches as had a hysterectomy four years ago.

biba70 Thu 30-Jul-20 19:37:29

Surely if ovaries removed or hysterectomy - the situation is very different? Clio51, is that the case for you?

Personally, the risks seem to me to totally outweigh the advantages and I just would not take the risk. Other therapies like Gi-Gung, Tai-chi, acupressure and herbal remedies seem to be a much better bet.

FlexibleFriend Thu 30-Jul-20 20:13:13

I was put on Hrt by my then GP at 58 and it triggered my auto immune condition which has caused me no end of problems and I wish I'd never taken it. Until then I was an extremely fit and healthy person, since then my mobility has gone to pot and I use a wheelchair and have no end of health issues.

Clio51 Thu 30-Jul-20 22:53:45

Thanks ladies for your stories

Gosh, sorry to hear that FlexibleFriend

I still have my ovaries

Jess20 Fri 31-Jul-20 09:44:38

I'm even older than you OP but was thinking of asking about starting HRT for the first time. Will watch this in case there are any more posts about it smile

pen50 Fri 31-Jul-20 10:05:52

Started topical HRT (Vagifem) for vaginal atrophy at the age of 60. It's helped but I'm now on double the standard dose and suspect that I may actually need more than even that.

B9exchange Fri 31-Jul-20 10:15:23

I have a friend just started on it at 74, due to persistent hot flushes she had put up with for years.

So sorry to hear of your problems FlexibleFriend, you must have been really unlucky.

SylviaPlathssister Fri 31-Jul-20 10:42:08

It literally saved my life, but my GP stopped subscribing it after 10 years as there was scaremongering information about it emerging. My skin literally crumpled and my hair thinned.
I still get hot flushes and would like it back to improve the quality of my life. Reading everyone’s posts on here, it’s what I am now going to do.

Theoddbird Fri 31-Jul-20 10:45:47

No way would I use it...that is just me though. From what I have read it seems that symptoms vary according to your culture. Attitude is very important. I found this paragraph in some research. 'Interviews of rural Mayan Indian women further illustrate that menopause is far from a uniform experience. Researchers found that the women reported no hot flashes or any significant menopausal symptoms. Mayan women tend to look forward to menopause because with it comes a progressive change in status within their communities and, in turn, a feeling of freedom. When women from indigenous cultures cross into menopause, they often become known as "wise women" or spiritual leaders and hold a place of power in their communities.

Interesting...research shows similar things appear in other cultures.

Estrellita Fri 31-Jul-20 10:48:54

I am 74 and have never taken it. Perhaps I should have, as I have been unable to have sex since the menopause due to dryness and pain. It is probably too late now. Excuse the frankness.

Alypoole Fri 31-Jul-20 10:59:39

I’d love to go back on it. I’m 67. How do you go about it privately?

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 31-Jul-20 11:11:36

I was reluctant to start HRT, but after years of menopausal problems I gave in - and never looked back. I got it on the NHS, no problem.

Annaram1 Fri 31-Jul-20 11:11:38

I have taken it for about 20 years and am nearly 80. The doctor prescribed it because my mother and both grandmothers had suffered weak and broken bones in later life. I was suffering from osteoporosis and the doctor said HRT would help. It helped in all sorts of ways and I still have good hair and skin.
I think it is now considered to be quite safe. Those who wish to try acupuncture etc might find benefits. Those who are Mayan may prefer to let nature take its course. Years ago, women never got to the age of menopause. We live longer now and have that to contend with. We have had similar threads before and somebody said there must be a reason why we have to suffer the menopause. Tell me one reason.

Sue2406 Fri 31-Jul-20 11:19:51

I started at 60. My GP wouldn't prescribe but was happy to refer me to the menopause clinic at the hospital. They had no issues agreeing and put me on patches and bio identical progesterone. Absolutely change d my life. Feel like myself again

Conners12 Fri 31-Jul-20 11:28:49

Started at 60 had a few blips until dosage was sorted, then opted for coil for slow release progesterone over 4/5 years and a Estraderm mx25 patches. Have my weight and blood pressure monitored regularly but would recommend for overall health and no joint pain.
Good luck

4allweknow Fri 31-Jul-20 11:34:11

I tried it many years ago but gave up after two tears as I couldn't keep up with myself. I was literally running everywhere, couldn't do anything quickly enough and expected my team of 32 staff to do the same. Now I am wondering if I should try again at age 73 as I find I am suffering more and more from depression and anxiety. Seems like the miracle for skin, hair, outlook on life.

Thisismyname1953 Fri 31-Jul-20 11:36:59

I had a hysterectomy at 45 which left me with one ovary. I refused to take HRT . I’m 67 now and have had no sign of the menopause. I must have gone through at some point though smile

Allsaints55 Fri 31-Jul-20 11:40:58

I’m 62 . Started at 53 as I had lost my va va voom . My lady Docter said why wouldn’t you want to take it when I had my doubts . So many benefits. I had tried to come off so many times due to bad press stories. Now at 62 OMG the difference that it makes now I’ve decided to keep on it as long as possible because I feel like a young women again full of energy, sex drive , sleep like a log , no aching bones , happy and positive!! I believe in it now and it is marvellous. Why shouldn’t we be full of life , there’s enough other problems that come along everyday to deal with . Just such a small thing as oestrogen can make you feel on top of the world . I had a couple of months recently where I couldn’t get my prescription and I was like a miserable old woman !