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Stomach Issues/Menopause/HRT at 64

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Whendoesitend64 Fri 05-Mar-21 12:06:41

Hello Ladies
Hope all are well and safe!
My question is anyone else suffering from stomach issues in relation to Menopause symptoms? I've read its one of the symptoms and if so how did they combat it???
Also I am 64 and apparently my Dr isnt that keen on prescribing anything to help such as HRT, but I've read that I can buy Progesterone myself? Is that so and from where?
Many thanks for reading smile
Granny Ang x

B9exchange Fri 05-Mar-21 12:30:01

You poor soul, I am not sure what your stomach issues are, but if they are along the lines of IBS, then probiotics can make a world of difference. I really would not advise buying progesterone online. If you still have a uterus you will need a combined HRT anyway. Please go back to your doctor and insist on referral to a menopause clinic, where you will be treated much more sympathetically?

Whendoesitend64 Fri 05-Mar-21 12:37:17

Many thanks for reading - I will try that as my GPs basically say Menopause happens to all women - so just put up and shut up sad
Yes its like IBS which apparently is yet another thing that surfaces during the Meno. Problem with Probiotics with me is they give me stomach ache! Unless someone can recommend ones that dont?

B9exchange Fri 05-Mar-21 12:46:04

I use these, but I guess it might be trial and error.

Your GP sounds a nightmare, stand your ground or see a different one? grin

Whendoesitend64 Fri 05-Mar-21 12:53:59

Thanks for he link ref PROBIOTICS
Just purchased them - but dont worry I understand we are all different !
Yes I am going to see if I can get an appt with a different GP as I dont see why I should suffer when other ladies dont have to!
Many thanks for your help smile

Stay Safe
Granny Ang wink

Esspee Fri 05-Mar-21 14:09:35

My tip for dealing with GPS who don’t keep up to date with their knowledge of the NHS best practice guidelines is first of all google “NICE guidelines Menopause”. Study it, print it off and take it with you to your GP appointment.
If they start talking nonsense bring out the NHS guidelines and offer to lend it to them to bring themselves up to date.
If they refuse then request (insist on) a referral to a menopause clinic.
In your case OP I think you may have left it too late. HRT is best started around the menopause. I believe starting it much later may be inadvisable.
Many of us have been on HRT for a very long time and can highly recommend it. It is a matter of quality of life and all the health benefits which greatly outweigh the tiny statistical disadvantages for a small percentage of women.

Whendoesitend64 Fri 05-Mar-21 14:42:38

I never bothered with HRT when I originally entered the Meno as I didn't get any symptoms if at all. Its only 4 years later that they appeared which apparently is normal as they can appear supposedly up to 10 years later......
Just when you thought you had escaped the shte
I am coming back as a BLOKE next time round!!!!!

B9exchange Fri 05-Mar-21 15:06:23

I have a friend who has just been to a menopause clinic and put on HRT for the first time aged 74, seems it is never too late! grin

Whendoesitend64 Fri 05-Mar-21 15:10:37

Great NewsB9exchange!
Do you happen to know if that was NHS or Private?
Thanks for reading smile

PernillaVanilla Fri 05-Mar-21 15:13:39

I think you need a new G.P. I'm 64 too and my GP is very supportive. Earlier this year she advised me that combination oral HRT I'd been on f;or years did carry some risks but she went on to prescribe Estrogel and a Mirena coil and now I'm feeling fine and firing on all cylinders. I was very grateful to her for helping me with what was quite expensive for the surgery budget. The hospital gynaecologist I saw at the start of all this said there was no reason I couldn't stay on the regime into my 90's if I live that long.

B9exchange Fri 05-Mar-21 15:13:46

NHS. Like you the first GP wasn't sympathetic, but I persuaded her to keep returning, and at the third attempt she finally got her referral. I spent many years working with GPs, their first reaction to a new problem, unless potentially life threatening, is to send you away, but if you keep coming back, they will in the end take you seriously!

Whendoesitend64 Fri 05-Mar-21 16:28:49

Thanks for all your help. Really glad I found this site smile

Whendoesitend64 Fri 05-Mar-21 18:12:43

Further to the above. Which HRT would you ladies recommend I ask for (demand ;)
Everol Conti patches or something similar [smile)
Or what other HRT would somebody recommend?

Esspee Fri 05-Mar-21 23:16:03

If you do not have a womb you only need oestrogen.
In my opinion the best method is implants. A tiny pellet of plant based oestrogen is inserted under the skin once every six months. Job done. For the other 363 days of the year you can forget all about it.
Alternatively gel which is rubbed onto your thighs every day or patches about the size of corn plasters are stuck on your bottom and changed twice a week.
Least recommended are pills as you need a high dose to get into your system as your liver removes it. These can be plant based but I have heard that some doctors are still prescribing Premarin which is derived from horses urine.
Other methods are available but these are the most common.

If you have a womb then you need a combination of oestrogen and progestogen. I have never used combination therapy so will leave that for others to describe.

Whendoesitend64 Sun 07-Mar-21 17:29:34

I'm not sure I have already posted this {wink]wink To cut it short, I finished my periods when I was 'roughly' 61.5 then had not a single symptom - but now 4 years later, I've pretty much had (have) ALL of them! Night sweats, feelings of tremendous anxiety, digestive issues, chronic constipation, multitude of aches and pains and I'm TOTALLY sick and tired of the whole shebang!I spoke to the Dr on one of those pesky online consultations and all she was really interested in was the constipation issue and prescribed me some fibre supplements - all that did was BLOCK me up big time .... and she maintained it was a Thyroid issue - (which it isn't) as I've had a thyroid test and its all within normal range. My fear is that I have read that at 64 I am too old to go on HRT or similar so I've bought some Progesterone and Oestrogen cream from Biovea and as a back up some Wellsprings 20-1 (none of which has arrived yet. I've bought some FEMARELLE and they make me feel weird - so Ladies is there no HOPE for me????

Esspee Sun 07-Mar-21 23:06:06

Whendoesitend64 You need to read my first post near the top of the thread. The only person who can prescribe HRT is a doctor. I have suggested the best way to go about this. There is a happy band of gransnetters who managed to get on to HRT after following my suggestions so do give them a try.

You should not be experimenting with dubious hormone preparations.
PM me if you want.

Cornishgreenhouse Tue 09-Mar-21 07:36:00

I have just restarted HRT after many years of trying without it. Multiple hot flushes every day, feeling anxious (especially just before a flush) ,palpitations and insomnia. I’ve tried to cope without but it’s got so troublesome that it was getting me down.
Lovely Dr explained risks and benefits and latter far outweighed the former for me. 3 days in and no difference yet but hoping in a few weeks time life might return to normal again.

Whendoesitend64 Sun 14-Mar-21 15:54:41

I went private in the end (worth the expense) as I was getting fed up of the stomach and anxiety issues. Dr prescribed Everol Conti patches as I'm 64.5 and wasn't in the slightest concerned about my age! Is anyone else using these patches and what reports?
I just know I will be freaked out if I get a bleed...........