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Help! 😫 I’ve got to stop the HRT!

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FannyCornforth Sun 29-May-22 09:21:55

I’ve recently had to stop using gel and go onto patches.
They haven’t suited me as they won’t stop on.

And now it’s worse - I’ve got to stop taking it altogether as I’m having a THR next month (hallelujah).

It’s only been a few days and I’m already feeling hot, sweaty and murderous.
Are there any natural alternatives that may help me through this?
Please? 🥵

GagaJo Sun 29-May-22 10:00:33

I'd say harness the murderousness and sort out a few old scores.

I don't know about natural remedies, but avoiding ALL caffeine stopped all of my menopausal symptoms.

Riverwalk Sun 29-May-22 10:18:37

I'm not an expert but understood that you don't have to stop transdermal HRT prior to surgery, even major surgery.

Was it the surgeon who advised this - if not I'd check with him/her, especially if you're having such bad symptoms.

FannyCornforth Sun 29-May-22 10:34:03

Thanks both.
RW that’s exactly what I thought, and what I am still thinking, ie I can keep on with the patches.

I’ve looked on the internet, and that’s what is widely advised.

The nurse that I saw also said that she believed that patches were ok; but that she’d check with the surgeon.

She rang me back (and woke me up as I was exhausted from the pre op) and said that the surgeon said to stop it all together.
She also said that I’d be given some medication to lessen the chance of blood clots.

I’m going to call her tomorrow.
I’m having to put up with such a lot at the moment; feeling bad tempered and uncomfortable is something that I really don’t need.
And it’s not fair on DH either

Thanks again

timetogo2016 Sun 29-May-22 10:34:14

Open a bottle and drink the day away,you will soon forget about hrt.

FannyCornforth Sun 29-May-22 10:35:48

timetogo I already follow that regime! smile

mamaa Sun 29-May-22 10:42:22

1 a day Evening Oil of Primrose capsules helped me- well that's all I took anyway and I didn't have too tricky a time (bought mine for years on the 3 for 2 scheme from Boots but other health stores also stock them)- not sure if they can be taken with any other medication though, so maybe could ask during your chat tomorrow? Hope things settle down for you. x

ExDancer Sun 29-May-22 10:53:51

I used micropore tape to keep my patches stuck to my wrinkly skin. Coming off HRT so quickly has made your symptoms more pronounced, evening primrose does help a bit so do try them.

Blossoming Sun 29-May-22 10:54:48

Sorry FC I’ve never had HRT but didn’t want to read and run. flowers

Annaram1 Sun 29-May-22 10:58:35

I've been on HRT for 30 years.

Trewdie Sun 29-May-22 11:24:47

I was on HRT 20+yrs ago nurse stopped it due to sibling having breast cancer, I still suffer hot flushes at the tender age of 71. I wish I could take HRT it would solve a lot of problems

Esspee Wed 01-Jun-22 17:07:06

Trewdie. I would try a menopause clinic for advice. They can be more specific about the risks and treat you as an adult allowing you to decide for yourself.
You could also do a DNA test to see if you carry the breast cancer gene. I tested through 23 and me so now know I have an extremely small chance of contracting breast cancer as I don’t carry the gene.
FannyCornforth Would you mind me asking why you had to stop using the gel? Lots of people ask me for HRT advice and I have never heard of anyone being advised against the gel. I like keeping up to date.

Sunnysideup Thu 02-Jun-22 19:31:43

I don’t know what a THR is but I had major, major surgery six years ago lasting seven hours plus and when I asked my surgeon if I had to remove my HRT patch he said he would never part a lady from her patch as his wife would kill him!!
Trewdie, my mum died of breast cancer and because I thought I couldn’t have because of that I went through twelve years of hell. Eventually saw a private gynaecologist who gave me patches straight away.

Oldbat1 Thu 02-Jun-22 21:48:49

I really wanted/needed hrt after a full hysterectomy but was denied it. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Good luck for your op though.

Nannarose Thu 02-Jun-22 22:13:15

It's not absolute, it just that being on any form of HRT slightly increases your risk of thrombosis.

I was on HRT for about 7 years, having felt truly dreadful when my menopause began. My own experience is that it is the fluctuation in hormones that is upsetting, and that once my hormones settled, I was actually OK.

I decided to stop the HRT before surgery. I was offered the option of continuing, but being given post-op heparin. My personal view was that it was ridiculous to be taking 2 lots of medication (not saying what others should do, just what I felt). I also decided that I was miserable in the run-up to the op so I'd do 2 lots of misery together!

I drank lots of water and ate lots of fruit & veg. I didn't deny myself anything that I fancied and I scheduled little treats to make me feel good. I took a break from stuff that was causing me stress.

It took about 6-8 weeks for my body to get used to being without HRT, and from then on I have had no hormonal problems an feel quite well (apart from arthritis).

Not everyone will have the same experience, but wanted to share.

Ashcombe Thu 02-Jun-22 22:31:07

I had a THR in 2017 when the surgeon allowed me to continue taking HRT. I'm on a low dose (325mg alternate days) and I use a vaginal cream called Ovestin a few times a week, too, prescribed by a very understanding female GP. Having remarried at 65 in 2015, it mattered to me because we wished to continue enjoying normal intimacy.

Good luck with your THR, FannyCornforth!