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Over 50.... beginning the Menopause.. June 2022

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Over50NotDead Sun 03-Jul-22 17:11:30

Soon. there I was getting on with my life when my anxiety rocketed, brain fog, short tempered, dizziness, gastric acid, night sweats.. pre I turned into a lunatic... round of hrt patches...calmed down..setraline..
Now again...its like I am a different person...aches pains..forgetful.. argumentative.. my poor male partner ... he has been soo patient.. soo back to the doctors...looks like back to hrt.. now full menopause..
Like blooming merry go round..
Please tell me things calm down..I want to save my relationship and keep my sanity...

Esspee Sun 03-Jul-22 22:42:45

A lot of women are on HRT for life. The health benefits for me are overwhelming but everyone is different.

I don’t understand where Setraline comes in. It’s an antidepressant, nothing to do with HRT. Perhaps you could fill in the missing bits in your post to make your story clear.

ElaineI Mon 04-Jul-22 23:15:45

I had an early menopause at 39 (my periods stopped - thought I was pregnant). Was on HRT for 10 years to prevent things like heart disease. I had mild hot flushes but nothing else. Never had HRT since nor any particular symptoms though now at 66 my eyebrows are disappearing and I don't have to shave or wax my legs - result!!