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Progesterone.... anyone taking it ?

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Serendipity22 Tue 26-Sep-23 14:21:14

Hi everyone πŸ˜ƒ

I have been to dr today and been issued with HRT patches and progesterone tablets. I am confused with the amount of these I take, I know it's 1 per night but then it says take for 14 days and about menstrual, but i havent had a period in over 2 years so i have no idea when I am supposed to start them !

Advice greatly appreciated.

Jaxjacky Tue 26-Sep-23 14:56:53

I would check with your pharmacist.

Shelflife Tue 26-Sep-23 17:10:51

Yes , definitely call into a pharmacy. The pharmacist will be happy to answer your questions.

Serendipity22 Tue 26-Sep-23 21:18:51

yes you're right,
I go to the chemist tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

Serendipity22 Wed 27-Sep-23 18:22:53

Been to chemist and got information needed.......

VenusDeVillendorf Wed 11-Oct-23 20:08:49

What did the chemist say @serendipity22.

From what I know, if you’re finished with your periods and have no menstrual cycle, you take 100 progesterone every evening.
Is that right?

Janhutch61 Sun 12-Nov-23 18:14:05

I use oestrogen gel and progesterone 100mgs on a night, I couldn't get away with taking it by mouth but the Dr suggested taking it vaginaly which works for me