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re menopause symptoms

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thumbelina78 Wed 27-Sep-23 23:25:11

I think I am having menopause or peri Not sure but am afraid of how long it will last.
Get hot flushes and over thinking difficult to get to sleep at times. What helps everyone else please?

tanith Thu 28-Sep-23 07:33:39

Best thing is to see you GP so they can diagnose you properly. No point second guessing whether you are or not in menopause get it confirmed then you will be treated appropriately.

Serendipity22 Thu 28-Sep-23 08:03:35

Yes i agree with tanith, speak to your dr. I have just started on HRT and progesterone tablets ( yesterday) my dr was absolutely wonderful... explaining everything to me.

Help is out there 💐

Oldnproud Thu 28-Sep-23 08:27:18

If you have a choice of gp, I recommend seeing a 'younger' one (thirties/forties, early fifties).

The more mature ones who I saw approx ten years ago, when I was going through / had just gone through the menopause really let me down, and with hindsight, clearly weren't anywhere near as up-to-date on the subject as their younger colleagues who I have sought help from more recently.

It's a generalisation, I know, but based on my own experience I would say it's one worth acting on if you have a choice, as this is something that can affect the you for the rest of your life.

Kalu Thu 28-Sep-23 09:55:09

I agrée with others, best thing to do is to talk to your GP about your symptoms.

DD1 was recently diagnosed as menopausal and her young female GP was so understanding, explaining everything DD needed to know. They discussed HRT which DD is now on.

If you have any questions regarding the menopause, always talk to a professional for the best advice.