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Lichen sclerosus or atrophy ?

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Monique7 Mon 09-Oct-23 14:45:35

Does anyone know what distinguishes lichen sclerosus from vulval atrophy? Symptoms seem the same, so is it necessary to have a biopsy to find out which it is?

Coolgran65 Mon 09-Oct-23 16:07:57

I think lichen sclerosis shows as a skin condition and vulva atrophy is a dryness. But not sure. My doctor was very readily able to tell me I did not have ls and that I had va.

Justwidowed Mon 09-Oct-23 19:14:21

The skin affected by lichen sclerosis is very pale and almost white.I now apply cream twice a week which controls it.Hope this helps.

Ali08 Wed 11-Oct-23 07:10:50

I notice this is in 'menopause', well I don't know if it makes a difference but a family member has Lichen Sclerosis and she is nowhere near menopause, and has had it for a long time although was fairly recently properly diagnosed. She's in her 20s.

Fethiye53 Thu 07-Dec-23 17:35:16

I have had lichen sclerosis for a number of years now. I have flares of it then it goes quiet. I was prescribed steroid cream for it but also find an aqueous cream works just as well. I have found GPs show little interest in this itchy burning condition. Ive never been examined for years to see if Ive got any concerns. I feel for some reason some GPs are reluctant to examine older women or maybe thats my prejudice but its also been my experience.

Shelflife Thu 07-Dec-23 17:48:58

Have you ever been prescribed Vagirux? Has made a huge difference to me.

Fethiye53 Thu 07-Dec-23 18:11:51


Shelflife Thu 07-Dec-23 23:12:02

Might not be appropriate for you but may be worth asking your GP if it would benefit you.