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Mouthy *AB of Canterbury*

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gangy5 Fri 10-Jun-11 10:23:23

I do wish that the church hierarchy didn't feel it was necessary to stick their spoke into government business. We can make our own minds up as to whether we agree with what's going on at Westminster without listening to His Holiness!

nanafrancis Fri 10-Jun-11 10:32:01

Having viewed the man on TV 'doing' the Royal Wedding - I think he should channel his energies into getting a really good haircut and beard trim

baggythecrust! Fri 10-Jun-11 11:05:41

gamgy and nanaf, I agree on both counts.

Notsogrand Fri 10-Jun-11 11:27:57

I have nothing specifically against The Archbishop of Canterbury but don't understand why the head of any church believes it is appropriate to comment about the policies of an elected government.

absentgrana Fri 10-Jun-11 11:48:34

As a rule I have little time for men in frocks telling me what god wants me to do. However, in this instance, I am a) fairly much in agreement with what he said and b) think it's about time pastoral care, particularly of the poor, weak and vulnerable, superseded prancing around in a silly hat. I agree about the haircut and beard.

janthea Fri 10-Jun-11 13:32:52

I agree with gangy5 and nanaf. Typical left wing cleric! I think the Queen is the head of the church in this country, isn't she?

gkal Fri 10-Jun-11 13:43:49

Absentgrana I agree with you and think the Archbishop was right to say what he did. I don't usually have much time for men of the cloth of any persuasion but I do appreciate high-profile individuals who express compassion. I actually find his hair and beard rather endearing smile

jangly Fri 10-Jun-11 13:58:35

I think the Church should put out strong leadership. They are God's representative on earth.

gangy5 Fri 10-Jun-11 17:31:18

Yes, they may be God's representatives on earth but they don't represent me because I didn't get the chance to vote for them!!
Politics and religion shouldn't mix.

MrsJamJam Fri 10-Jun-11 17:38:46

Good leading article in today's Times suggesting that he was perhaps unwise as he hadn't got all his facts entirely straight. Not sure myself that he should use his role to take sides in the politcal debate. Politics is a dirty game!

artygran Fri 10-Jun-11 17:53:23

Considering the shocking way in which the Church of England looks after some of its clergy and their families - some of them struggle to make ends meet - perhaps Rowan Williams would be better exercised attending to matters nearer home than putting forward his partisan views in left wing periodicals.

raggygranny Fri 10-Jun-11 18:52:07

I say three cheers for the Archbishop, or anyone else who is prepared to stand up and say that this government is introducing policies which will hit hardest the most vulnerable in society.Surely he is only following the example of Jesus in criticising the rich for exploiting the poor?

jangly Fri 10-Jun-11 19:01:10

Yes, I agree raggygranny.