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olliesgran Mon 05-Dec-11 22:47:11

I have just heard on the news that Mr Cameron has managed to produce an extra 40 MILLION pounds for the opening ceremony!!!! At a time when we are told that we can't afford anything anymore, it is a disgrace!

glassortwo Mon 05-Dec-11 22:58:25

Does it surprise you ollie nothing surprises me with this lot.

olliesgran Mon 05-Dec-11 23:08:24

Surprise isn't the word, outrage more like it! Somebody selling fireworks is going to make a bundle. Tory party benefactor may be?

Granny23 Mon 05-Dec-11 23:14:24

Not to mention all the worthwhile charities who have had to do without over the past 3 years as Lottery money was diverted into the olympics. Nor the fact that people on modest incomes from the provinces cannot afford to attend, because of the high price of tickets, travel costs and premium prices for London Accommodation. Yeah, we are all in this together and the olympics are for us all!

susiecb Tue 06-Dec-11 09:46:13

David Cameron is Maggie Thatcher's love child its just what she would have done while reducing bus passess, heating allowances and TV licences for pensioners. Lets' hope he reaches his equivalent poll tax nemesis soon!angry

Harlequin Tue 06-Dec-11 10:14:11

It's outrageous, but I suppose the argument is that £40m is a drop in the ocean compared with the supposed 'deficit' and we must make a big effort for such a prestigious event. Personally I think having the Olympics here is nothing more than an ego trip for certain people, with the additional hope that it'll mean a better performance from UK competitors. Can't see any benefit being felt anywhere outside London and no-one I know has managed to get tickets in the lottery so we really don't feel part of it. Last night I watched a programme about houses standing empty and they showed houses on the North Circular that had been empty for years but are now being refurbished so they don't appear as an eyesore for visitors travelling to Stratford. Great for houses to come back into use but sick that it's only done for PR purposes and not because people need homes. £40m would bring a lot of houses back into liveable condition.

absentgrana Tue 06-Dec-11 10:18:57

Just wait until the extra costs for security leak out.

Harlequin Tue 06-Dec-11 10:32:41

From the Guardian on 5 December

'London 2012 Olympics security costs almost double to £553m'.

That's a lot of nurses, paramedics, firemen, policemen, carers, etc.etc....

jingl Tue 06-Dec-11 10:33:44

Yes. And they're going to turn the athletes village into apartments afterwards. For the rich and famous, no doubt!

olliesgran Tue 06-Dec-11 12:01:27

I was waiting for big headlines in the papers about this, but nothing? I feel the press is really not doing its job!

absentgrana Tue 06-Dec-11 12:06:26

The whole thing is just one great big circus with lots of jolly junketing for the IOC, politicians and other so-called VIPs. I haven't met a single person who wanted the games in London, even when I lived there at the time they were awarded, or who has shown the slightest positive interest in them. As for the budget…angry