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Snake-oil diet sellers

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Mamie Mon 30-Jan-12 07:16:52

An interesting article here..

Carol Mon 30-Jan-12 22:36:43

Just read it Mamie. There's one sentence that puzzles me:-

'The "commonsense" response that many older people will have – get over it, shake yourself down, just start to enjoy life – now looks dangerously naive'

Why are older people 'dangerously naive' if they say that they aren't taken in by the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry's agenda? No-one is going to talk me into having botox, tanning treatments, body waxing and the like so I can look a little younger. I am too busy enjoying my life to feel I have to rush round having treatments and being pampered in beauty salons in order to look like an orange zombie with a permanent look of surprise on my brow.

gracesmum Mon 30-Jan-12 22:47:40

I read it as saying the situation has got to a more dangerous point with so many young people genuinely endangering their health and so many companies with no scruples at all about the consequences of their advertising campaigns. Did you ever see the poster of the French girl Isabelle (?) Caro - she looked like a concentration camp inmate, it was truly shocking. I don't think she meant we are naive about the the procedures but about thinking that young people will grow out of their unhealthy obsessions.

jeni Mon 30-Jan-12 22:54:56

carol I LIKE having a facial, massage, etc. it doesn't mean I think I'm going to be turned into a 20yr old sex kitten! At 67, overweight, wrinkled, grumpy, white haired, limping old biddy. I do not expect miracles! But Ido enjoy massages, they relax me. Especially hot stones,and it does seem to help my aches and pains. May be psychosomatic,but I don't care! It makes me feel better and that's all that matters
Wow! What a rant. But it's made me feel better and now I'm to bed. Sleep well smile

Carol Mon 30-Jan-12 23:12:58

Yes, me too, jeni but I don't have any interest in being changed to an orange colour and having filler injected into my wrinkles so I look perpetually surprised. My life is etched on my body, and I don't have a problem with that. A lovely massage, and that nice feeling of being helped to relax with reflexology or a lovely steam bath, or even having acupuncture is great, but worlds apart from those weird body altering procedures.

bagitha Tue 31-Jan-12 06:23:59

I think I must be too impatient for beauty treatments or massages. They've never had any appeal. Except, when I was working in Thailand I got my hair plaited into 73 plaits. That took a while. Lasted a while too. Now there's a thought for my whitening hair. It'd scare a few few younguns. wink

Specially if I dyed the plaits....

Rainbow colours.

JessM Tue 31-Jan-12 06:38:13

That was a clunky bit of writing carol - the quote . I think i can see what is meant - older people don't understand basically because we were lucky enough to grow up in an era when there was much less pressure. It feels like a conspiracy almost doesn't it when lots of businesses all hone in on a particular aspect of human insecurity and leverage the hell out of it.

Mamie Tue 31-Jan-12 07:04:45

I do find it quite upsetting when you see older TV personalities who are now stretched and botoxed so that they look like a parody of their younger selves (is that a word?). I also worry a lot about the pressure on children to conform to a physical stereotype. When you hear about teenage girls demanding breast implants because they are so depressed about their appearance then you have to say that something is going wrong.

JessM Tue 31-Jan-12 07:34:40

It is distressing isnt it. I though Naomi Campbell one of the most - she would still be stunning no doubt if she had not had all that surgery to her face.
Hopefully the breast implant scandal will bring a little bit of regulation into advertising. It is one of the penalities of having a richer society with disposable income around. None of these businesses would have succeeded in the 1950s would they smile

jeni Tue 31-Jan-12 08:27:38

Medusa comes to mind grin

Annobel Tue 31-Jan-12 09:25:41

This article was in the Observer on Sunday. It cites Joan Rivers and various other celebrities as a horrible warning of the results of plastic surgery.

bagitha Tue 31-Jan-12 09:30:20

I'm practising the stony stare.

Carol Tue 31-Jan-12 09:36:55

I can't imagine what it must be like to be perpetually worried about how I look at the age of 63. Why would I want to look 30 years younger - what's going on inside won't lose those years! These people will never learn how to be comfortable in their own skin if it's constantly being remodelled.

Annobel Tue 31-Jan-12 09:59:55

Quite apart from the obvious risks (trout pout etc), who would submit to having a general anaesthetic for a procedure that has nothing to do with her health? I always have a horrible reaction, so certainly not me!

Twiddle Tue 31-Jan-12 19:17:02

Well I had four - yes four operations to have implants and now I have none. Each time they made me look disfigured and they were hard. One ruptured and so I had them out. I missed them but having said that because of the stretching of the breast tissue I now have my own small breasts where before I had none. Can you imagine how pleased I was to have something.

It didn't stop my husband running off with someone else. I mistakenly thought it was because of my lack of breasts. Can you imagine someone thinking in such a shallow way.

I had a second husband - he was lovely but now he has died. How sad that we get left behind to cope. Still I am having a good time now.

JessM Wed 01-Feb-12 11:12:31

Hi Twiddle. Sounds like good riddance. I get the impression there is quite of lot of that around these days - men get used to seeing abnormally inflated boobs in the Sport etc and think that is what they "should" look like.

JessM Wed 01-Feb-12 11:13:14

I meant the first husband of course. Sad about the second one sad

Nonu Wed 01-Feb-12 14:02:04

The one thing about overnight tan lotion is that is does maker you look brighter and healthier a little "glow " you might say

johanna Wed 01-Feb-12 19:40:53

I " worked " very hard for my wrinkles!!wine

Carol Wed 01-Feb-12 19:56:51

grin johanna

gma Fri 03-Feb-12 18:58:35

My husband has just had his second eyebrow lift!!!!! Not cosmetic I might add!!!! He had a large cancer removed from his face and the nerves in his left eyebrow and eyelid were damaged, resulting a very droopy eyebrow and eyelid. The first eyebrow lift was not all that successful and his plastic surgeon has just done it again for him and removed extra skin in his eyelid. He has had the most fantastic blackeye and now the stitches are out things are looking better!!!!! He cannot understand why women have this done for purley cosmetic reasons. His has hurt like heck, but needed to be done. The hospital have been fantastic all the way through this. If any gransnetters are thinking of this procedure contact me and I will send you photos!!!!!! Oh its wine o clock, time for some medicine!!!!wine

Carol Fri 03-Feb-12 19:01:22

Glad he's ok gma. Why anyone would choose to go through that pain and discomfort beggars belief. Enjoy your glass of wine