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Gmajen Sun 19-Feb-12 12:46:32

Could we gransnetters spare a moment to remember the poor grandmother in Lincolnshire who died this week together with her 6 yearold grandson. As yet, no one knows what actually happened but I am sure that this story has sent a shudder through all of us who care for little ones from time to time.

jeni Sun 19-Feb-12 12:51:23

Rest in peace. I'm sure she must have been trying to save gs.

glammanana Sun 19-Feb-12 13:13:17

Such sad news, I can only agree with jeni and think that she must have been trying to save her DGS.

greenmossgiel Sun 19-Feb-12 13:54:54

I should imagine that that's what may have happened. Our worst nightmare. sad

supernana Sun 19-Feb-12 13:57:00

glamma I imagine that was the case. The family must be devasted. A tragic end to two lives.

tanith Sun 19-Feb-12 14:06:39

A very sad story I don't think we'll ever know the truth but I'm sure its a comfort to the family that they were together but they must be devasted.

numberplease Sun 19-Feb-12 17:06:42

What`s so extra sad is that at first she was thought to have been the only one to have died, as reported on our local news. It wasn`t until they went to inform her daughter of her death that they were told that her 6 year old grandson had been staying with her, so had to start another search for the little boy.

absentgrana Sun 19-Feb-12 17:17:18

Has anyone considered that the dead granny might have been one of us? Not that that makes it worse or better, but just something that might have been.

glassortwo Sun 19-Feb-12 17:34:20

absent I also thought that it may have been one of us.

jeni Sun 19-Feb-12 17:46:30

How would we ever know? Should we leave instructions with our NOK to notify gn?
It's sad to think isn't it ,that we would just be a ' wonder what happened to z?"

glammanana Sun 19-Feb-12 18:08:00

Oh what a terrible thought I have gone all cold at the thought of it.So sad

Zephrine Sun 19-Feb-12 18:23:39

Oi! I'm still here! When sorting out my mother in laws things though I found that she had a slip of paper with her name and address in every coat.

jeni Sun 19-Feb-12 18:46:04

Was that in case she forgot who she was or so that others would know?

shysal Sun 19-Feb-12 18:54:32

I have a laminated card in every coat pocket with name address and next of kin. I often walk on my own so think it is advisable. Yet another of my 'just in case' precautions! blush

Tosh Sun 19-Feb-12 19:04:18

Tragedy .... that poor family, how on earth would you cope with losing your son and mother together. I know I would lay down my life for one of my all of you would.

GoldenGran Sun 19-Feb-12 19:49:42

Awful story, the poor family, I don't know how you cope with that.

bikergran Sun 19-Feb-12 19:50:36

Yes such an awful thing to happen, and yes it could! have been one of us quite easily....these ponds can be so slippery at the edge.and we must all take extra care especialy this wet muddy/frosty weather....we all know how easy it is just to slip on some wet grass.....sad

Annika Sun 19-Feb-12 20:02:35

I have only just read this news, what a terrible thing to have happened, as it has been said that could have been any one of us. The poor family , how do they cope with that .
It sends shivers down my spine, I often take our grandchildren out and it shows just how easy it is for some thing out of the blue to come around and change every ones life for ever

gracesmum Sun 19-Feb-12 22:05:12

Let's face it, any one of us would dive into anything for one of our grandchildren, If that is what happened she is a hero and I salute her. How tragic though.

jeni Sun 19-Feb-12 22:12:22

I hope it was quick for both of them. If it was cardiac arrest due to cold water then it probably was.

jeni Sun 19-Feb-12 22:14:06

Gm how is r?

gracesmum Sun 19-Feb-12 23:00:03

See thread!! Worst thing about tonight's trip to London was that for reasons best known to itself my Kindle decided to stop working on the say homesad I tried to put in on charge without success then had a look at the online instructions and fiddled with the on/off button long enough for it to work. That and losing a brand new pair of red leather gloves at Euston station just about finished me off! Kindle seems to be fine now but the gloves - alas, only worn twice sadsadsad
DH looking far too well to be in a hospital and very comfortable after a really good meal - being the Heart Hospital, they know the way to a man's heart.....grin

susiecb Mon 20-Feb-12 09:45:39

Its a truly terrible story and makes you think hard about the times we care for our grandchildren. I know I feel so responsible for my GS and terribly careful when driving and holding hands in traffic but terrible random accidents happen. I feel so for the poor family involved.

Hankipanki Mon 20-Feb-12 10:48:27

Such terrible news, my heart goes out to the family. I look after my gd frequently and tend to be over vigilant about danger. The responsibility does weigh heavily on my shoulders. So aware that an unthinkable accident could happen to any of us at any time.