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Geraldine Bedell on BBC News speaking about the budget

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Supernan Fri 23-Mar-12 08:25:19

I want to thank Geraldine Bedell for speaking so succinctly on BBC News Channel last night behalf on pensioners. I felt that at last we have a voice. I just hope George Osbourne was watching.

Congratulations Geraldine. It was great!!

Carol Fri 23-Mar-12 08:34:27

Yes, that was a busy day yesterday - thanks, Geraldine. The news is full of government leaks about the chancellor's spectacular own goal today. He has under-estimated the impact of his tax changes, and over-estimated how useful the 2012 pension rise can have any effect, given it has already been eroded by rising prices in essential things like energy and fuel.

His naive belief that the tax dodgers will come running out of the woodwork to pay their taxes because they have 5% less to pay is laughable - they will never change their behaviour as long as they are allowed to avoid tax.

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 23-Mar-12 10:20:41

Thank you - that's very kind. I arrived at Sky yesterday morning and they said did I want to put my points directly to George Osborne? - which I hadn't expected. So he knows all about Gransnet now....Anyway, it was great that we were asked, and a testament to the forcefulness and interest of gransnetters.

We've put together a summary of what Gransnet has been saying to the media.

em Fri 23-Mar-12 10:27:51

Well done Geraldine. Missed you on yesterday's news programmes but that link takes us to a very neat and succinct summary of the points expressed here.

Carol Fri 23-Mar-12 10:48:12

Thank you Geraldine - that is exactly what I would want the government to hear.

MaggieP Fri 23-Mar-12 12:22:01

I also saw you Geraldine, though missed the beginning, and was excited when I heard your name and concentrated on the interview/discussion, well done and getting on TV right at the start and for speaking for so many of us.

glassortwo Fri 23-Mar-12 22:18:07

Thank you Geraldine Its great to see Gransnet in the Public eye, and hopefully we will make those Politicians sit up and listen.... a force to be reckoned with.

wotsamashedupjingl Fri 23-Mar-12 22:24:49

In the "What we have said in the press" summary:-

"it's odd, to say the least, to finance a tax cut to the rich by taking away income from pensioners."

Does anyone really believe that's how it's going to work? All this going on about the "granny tax" is just a knee jerk reaction.

It's more complex than that.

But it's good publicity for Gransnet. grin