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shortage of HGV drivers UK

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JaneJudge Fri 23-Jul-21 20:35:46

how much is it to put someone through an HGV licence?

There must be loads of people out of work atm in the UK?

Are there any government initiatives/grant schemes/loans/bursaries to make this happen?

I thought Brexit meant we looked within our own country? which must mean training/infrastructure etc?

Kali2 Fri 08-Oct-21 20:49:49

The arrogance, the dishonesty, the hypocrisy and the sheer gall is exposed here. How often were we told right here on GN, by some members, that warnings were just project fear, and now they claim, as Johnson and the Government,, that it was always the plan, always known, always clear.

This is it

Kali2 Fri 08-Oct-21 22:37:38

So Council drivers are switching to HGV driving for hauliers, attracted by higher wages.

The result - rubbish, literally!

Kali2 Sat 16-Oct-21 15:22:37

TWENTY Visas have been applied for, and they all take 3 weeks to process...

Kali2 Sun 17-Oct-21 10:56:46

Talk about own goal here:

varian Sun 17-Oct-21 18:09:12

The ministers in the Vote Leave government are hardly able to speak English.

They speak in slogans.

What they used to call "project fear" because it has actually now proven to be true has been rebranded "captain hindsight".

EU workers, such as HGV drivers, butchers and veterinary surgeons are called "unskilled workers"

Pleas for proper funding of the NHA (or any public service) are branded "throwing money at..."

As for what "Global Britain" means - the evidence seems to be just about bottom of the queue everywhere as no forieng government can trust us anymore.