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shortage of HGV drivers UK

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Dinahmo Fri 23-Jul-21 21:27:06

James O'Brien chatted to an hgv driver this morning who was waiting at a depot to unload. Apparently he works 6 days a week, on his own and is paid for the hours worked. Many drivers are paid by mileage and don't get paid for the time that they spend waiting around. This driver also said that it was quite stressful in that one always had to keep an eye open for those car drivers who would overtake and then slam their brakes ion as they pulled in front of him. There is also the problem of IR35 regulations to deal with.

Deedaa Fri 23-Jul-21 21:15:33

Off the top of my head I think it's around £2,000 plus to train. In 1975 DH cashed in a couple of insurance policies to pay for his (Around £250)

The supermarkets do have schemes to train existing employees but of course you need people who want to do it and people who have and aptitude. To drive an HGV in a town is a very skilled art. It's a very big and dangerous vehicle, in an argument between a Ford Focus and a 42 tonner the Focus is not going to come out on top. The access to supermarkets is usually particularly cramped and is often complicated by customers who decide to just leave their car in the road.

Actually Katie59 Long distance can be fun. For several years in the 90s DH drove to Italy twice a week and loved it. Camping in the lorry, buying food in the local markets and finding some really nice restaurants. I used to go with him and, as long as the delivery was made on time, it was like being paid to go on holiday.

The big worry at the moment is the government's knee jerk decision to extend the driving hours. They are strictly controlled for a reason and this could well be the thin end of the wedge.

JaneJudge Fri 23-Jul-21 21:00:11

I thought people voted brexit in 2016? that was 4 years ago and they don't have to be men?

Katie59 Fri 23-Jul-21 20:50:48

Now that many migrant truck drivers have gone home, it’s not quick or easy to train new ones, expensive training and test, then drive a smaller truck for several years before you can drive a full size HGV. Then you get the privilege of living in the cab all week, getting home at weekends if you’re lucky, not too many women want to do that, can’t think why.

JaneJudge Fri 23-Jul-21 20:35:46

how much is it to put someone through an HGV licence?

There must be loads of people out of work atm in the UK?

Are there any government initiatives/grant schemes/loans/bursaries to make this happen?

I thought Brexit meant we looked within our own country? which must mean training/infrastructure etc?